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MAERCECI 11 Jun 11
I love that my Grandparents deliberately defy all rules of Customs.
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The MoBible aka The Catering Bible Feb 12
Slingers - Your Public Liability Ins may not cover if you're not compliant with and the food labelling laws.... Amen to us for helping those who still tread the dangerous path of not declaring your allergens👇📜
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Mezza Ⓜ️ 23 Dec 12
Replying to @EllenDuff1n
haha! They're always Chinese too
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Marianne! 22 Jan 12
I think should be changed to
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Rebecca Tessler 25 Feb 13
Replying to @LavinNick
dat shit cray! I would've made her fold them after no weapons were found! :D
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14 Allergens - The Essential Guide Feb 12
Thou Shall Declare Thy as preached from there's quite a few choices and sizes to order below👇thank you
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