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So are going to get a pay increase since we’re the ones risking our lives each day?
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dudu Jun 27
Shout out to the man and women who are working flat out to conserve Zimbabwe's wildlife. .Here we have Boswell the famous ManaPools Bull Elephant being examined. It is so easy to forget the men and women that work tirelessly to conserve these beautiful beasts
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Workers are preparing to strike back against Sobeys and the grocery cartel
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Chief Commissioner Darrell Reid Jul 1
Happy & a huge thanks to the emergency management pros, public health pros, & who have served our country so well in these most challenging of times. I’m so grateful is the country I serve!
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SarahforAssembly Jul 1
On National Postal Worker Day, we recognize and honor these who are working longer hours than ever before to provide the most popular government service that exists: our mail. Without them, rural communities would be priced out of services.
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Marc Perrone Jun 27
American workers deserve: ✅ $15/hr Frontline Hazard Pay 😷 National Public Mask Mandate 📊 Track All Worker Cases Congress needs to stand with our brave .
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United Farm Workers Jun 26
on the hoeing crew have cleaned a large farm and are headed home to rest for the next day’s work. Thanks to their effort this vegetable field will have higher yield and cleaner harvest for US consumers depending on stocked grocery stores.
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David Kusnet Jun 30
Remembering staff training decades ago. Taught by veterans of 1968 Memphis sanitation workers' strike that not being treated with dignity & respect drives workers to take great risks & organize unions.
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Rigggssss Jul 1
18 sales away from doing a tumbler giveaway!!! My goal is to reach 50 sales on my Etsy Shop in order to a personalized tumbler giveaway✨ Come order yours today and thank you💕 Etsy⬇️
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Alejandra Bravo Jul 1
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Trust for London Jun 30
. calls for higher value to be placed on in their latest report pushing for ✅Right to a contract reflecting actual hours ✅Right to advance notice of work schedules ✅Compensation where shifts are cancelled at short notice
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Chantelle ( DragonArtist )🌹🐲🎨 Jul 9
They really about to give back to work bonus. Wtf us essentials got thrown to the wolves. The fucking extra $600 wasn't enough already? What about people that's been working through all this shit? Idgaf its bullshit
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Julie Drury Jul 8
So excited we are ready to share this report. Family caregivers are The Reintegration of Family Caregivers as Essential Partners in Care report outlines key next steps to bring family caregivers back as Please RT to share
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Llama Jun 26
Replying to @SenatorTester
1st time out, after months isolated for Work & now are getting use to Traffic again...
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jonathan reimer Jun 27
Thanks for the sweet mask and care packag!
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jeremy Jul 1
They got me going back and forth from home to the office, putting miles on my car, not giving us masks or gloves, paying for my own health insurance. Thank you’s aren’t gonna pay the bills.
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Aaron Peskin Jun 24
The Fisherman’s Wharf crabbing + fishing community have always been essential to the City’s identity + economy. Part of that identity is a City that knows how to take care if its own. We’ve set up a Pier 45 Crabbers’ Relief Fund. DONATE:
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Dee votes💙🦻🏻🐾🌱🧬☮️ Jun 29
Replying to @coleyworld
Get a grip StupidMan. I wear a mask 8 plus hours a day, so other and for your safety and ours. We haven’t loss any brain cells. Yours must be for some other reason. 😷
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💀🥀| Lilibette ASMR |🦉🐇🌺 Jul 2
When you receive a bonus from work from working throughout the entire covid19 pandemic so far.
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Donna Smith McG 🦋❄️👩‍🎨 Jul 2
Your ‘MAGICAL THINKING’ shows just how u care😡 “Smashing Expections”Are you as high as daddy?? Black/Brown/Asian JOBS didn’t MOVE⬆️bcuz THEY are & put THEIR LIVES on the LINE for DADDYS ECONOMY 🇺🇸 is in a fuqing
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