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Prince de Versailles Apr 18
📺 on w/ on for showing dozens of criminal/attempted criminal behaviors/acts by his family & staff yet 'd to ask these principles anything under oath thus letting them off🤬
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Carri Apr 16
Thanks a lot for making your already expensive coffee even more expensive to get a free one. Thanks for the new “Reward”😒
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Victoria💙 2h
Stood waiting for the automatic doors at work to open for a few good minutes before realising it wasn’t an automatic door ! 🙈 oh dear, doesn’t bode well for my 10 hr shift does it? 😂
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Sam Lane 12m
I can’t remember the last time I was this gutted. Bought dinosaurs for my nephews and left them out in the kitchen
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Johnny Brosnan 2h
Shoutout to Pep Guardiola for breaking my FPL captain. Good job Pep.
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Sarah Fitzgibbon Apr 18
Seems like sound advice, as long as *you’re* dreams don’t include being able to spell correctly... 🤣
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Madhav Joshi 7h
JP confirms in Dec that a flight I was taking was eligible for 50% miles back offer. Later on denies outrightly saying 'it was an unintentional error'. This is a clear case of FRAUD and CHEATING. Sham!
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KDWilliamson-Author Apr 18
Ok...I suck at making coffee and waffles.
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LogicalLady 4h
Replying to @AyoCaesar
Sadly they are causing more climate change with the protest.
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"We secured additional funding" And here is what stinks like your next EpicGames Exclusive : ! At least you couldn't preorder it on to begin with... So only half shitstorm ? 😀
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Magneto : Brain Seizure 36m
Replying to @Sorrowfulsavior
And magneto will be in charge of the new mutants from 35 to 75... 40 issues vs 35 Xavier. This is why when they made the movie mag wasn’t in 😂...
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Dean's Impala 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 7h
Well done for finally sending me early bird ticket info to get to Birmingham in June. Except, already booked my seat at the end of March when tickets were cheaper than what you’ve just offered. “Early alert ticket email” seems to be a waste of time 🤦‍♀️
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Matt Coatney Apr 15
The only thing more irritating than 2 teens blocking the aisle at a store by walking slowly, head down, engrossed in their phones side-by-side was the just-experienced 2 great-grandmas blocking the exit,heads down in their phones, shuffling along at negative 6 mph.
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WeWantChloeLaneToStay! Apr 18
The hits just keep on coming!
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Mary M Metcalf Apr 14
LVP's lifestyle eclipses all of her cast mates so they want to drive her off t show. What a thoughtless time to attempt a 'takedown' - a grief ridden LVP, & using a VPDog hook. No wonder it failed you stupid clots.😂😂🙄 Even non LVP fans have sided with her !
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Lord Punxsutawney Dan of Brexit Apr 17
Replying to @GeorgeAylett
Look, The first one looks quite smart but ... Arrows pointing DOWN Rookie mistake...
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Andrew Portman Apr 18
That moment when you tweet a complaint to the wrong train company - doh! Sorry ! Pass me another G’n’T
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A's Fan Radio Apr 18
Replying to @DianneForTexas
Guess you must have just started watching baseball because we've had those drums & noise makers at games since 2000. Way to confirm you are a bandwagon Astros fan with this post btw or you would already know this.
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richard G-Yates 2h
Had to laugh, a man in Subway insisted on a vegan sub and then had mayonnaise on it. Didnt tell him.
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NotThatAdams 14h
Replying to @unseen1_unseen
But he's not Obama. coming soon to them.
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