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Vida Jun 23
I love how some angry entitled streamers are bashing and talking shit about partners and how they don't deserve it I mean if you knew what was best wouldn't you be a partner yourself? This might hurt a few of ya.
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Solace Tolloty 5h
so much entitlement so much so much be more like me i think i am to a credit
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James Murray Richardson 3h
Everyone is and their
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Catalyst Global Mkts 3h
No one is to intentionally limit my potential !
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Jutay Me Jun 25
Most of my Co-Alters here are not welcoming.
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Tk The Prophet Jun 21
Replying to @tktheprophet
Okay then... Yes, this nigga makes more than you do, but I'm still to these benefits. One of the things they tell us vets is that there are literally who still use their veteran benefits, and that we should not be discouraged from seeking what we deserve
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Zoe Crew Jun 25
This is what entitlement looks like. You're now paying 2.4 million in taxes for their home. 5 homes were knocked down in a supposed housing crisis to build a large one for this couple.
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Chris Williams 又 Jun 19
Replying to @Vide0boy
I hate that. Lol. 😤
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Business Accountant 6h
Are you missing out on money you're to?
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Solace Tolloty Jun 25
I am to his name Ya wanna know why JOHN MCCAIN WAS MY FATHER
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Chris Nevins Jun 19
Replying to @DanCevette
I just had a parent take her son off my team because he wasn't playing as much as others. We've played 14 games in which he's played 4 sat 4 and was ON VACATION for 6. One of the 4 he sat he was scheduled to pitch a 9 am game but showed up at 840 with zero explanation.
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Ben DeGagne Jun 24
Replying to @BernieSanders @CU_Dems
Then what do those of us who made it through college without racking up debt get? Or those of us who chose not to go to college?
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Solace Tolloty 11h
Yes I reported it on arrival and the staff said that i am to en in care incurred I
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Hendrik Little Jun 20
Replying to @AnneFromTheChi
Can we be done with the narrative that you're to assign blame for harassment to whatever demographic suits your personal agenda? You're not Sherlock Holmes, indeed you're no kind of expert whatsoever other than a self-identified one.
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Solace Tolloty Jun 24
RT If you work in football in Scotland you are to t a full time job delivered in partnership with
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Karoo Wakanda Muppet Hunter Jun 22
Someone calling you a black (which you are) doesn’t co done you attacking them. Ever heard of freedom of speech? If everyone physically assaulted someone for what they said we would live in a perpetual fight. U should know better.
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Jacob Giles Jun 23
Replying to @SagerStudios
oh yes because everything should be free right?
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Lorilet Monegro Jun 25
Replying to @NewYorkStateAG @USDOL
I think this is about these big-time ultra rich individuals, including current presidential administration,hiding their own violations as partner employers.They will change the law to protect themselves while in power; so they can change the system to better suit them.
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Mansplainer 24h
Camille was on fire earlier in the season and now she is back to season one Camille.
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Andrew Riddell 18h
It is alright. Audis areallowed to do that.
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