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Nikki Haley 6h
This says so much about the state of how toxic politics has become. Can’t it stop for just one day? It’s Easter. This reporter needs to walk away from Mueller and walk into that church and say a prayer.
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Michael Green Apr 18
Hey ! If I wanted to hear a display of hate-filled chicanery from , I’d turn to every other complicit network. Please alert Rupert’s boys, quit trying to get applause and acceptance from the Dem anarchists.
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MoralThreat Apr 18
Maybe, someday, Congress will actually get back to work and do something positive for the American people.
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Ms B 13h
Replying to @CNNSotu @jaketapper
Just cut him off! He [Giuliani] did his job, he got his & tRumps narrative out there! Now tRump will site chapter & verse from Giuliani’s rant on show this morning!
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Sheilla Dingus 11h
Right. The officer said he needed his arm to handcuff him. The arm he was using to keep his face off the pavement. So instead of asking the officer pounds his head into the pavement and scrapes his face against it w/o even asking. The kid wasn't resisting.
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RJ Phoenix #FreeAssange #Backto60 Apr 19
Replying to @AudreyAurus1
You're wasting ur breath Audrey! Huge numbers of Socialist Remainers are literally SNEERING at Leave voters. They're not interested in the dilemma. They're not interested the Lab MEP candidates seem to be going against Lab policy & talking about Remain and Reform
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Freetuchen 24h
This weekend's has been such a disappointment. For every minute of show, there's been 2 minutes of ads or promos. I wish I could keep watching live, but honestly, this is unwatchable. We get it, live rescue comes out next week and there's a marathon.
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Cocoa Moore Apr 20
At this point, I would pay someone to whoop Imposter Syndrome’s ass for me. 👊🏾
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Neil L 🇨🇦 🐓🍷🍀 Apr 20
Replying to @disruptfascism
Oh, Pretty Woman by Roy Orbison.
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Moshe Ben Shoshanna Apr 19
if you find these annoying fruit stickers randomly stuck onto things around your supermarket- it’s a protest against all the plastic you sell. Particularly the pointlessness of plastic stickers on fruit.
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Frogmore Royal Apr 17
Replying to @victoriaarbiter
Not even clicking....!!!
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💧Alice 14h
So it’s 18 degrees. At 11pm. In the mountains. In April
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Justice Auger Apr 19
why are you even giving this weasel a platform to spew his garbage opinion. It’s bad enough to see him randomly on your channel. !!!
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Mitch Hauser Apr 17
Not sure I’ve seen this Marner shot block enough yet. Has to be the greatest shot block of all time.......
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paisley owen Apr 19
😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡 WE need someone with new ideas
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Paul Berard Apr 12
Hey, - Nobody answers the phone at your insurance lines and all of your managers are apparently always on break. Seven months is too long for you not to take a call and answer some questions.
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Susan Slinkard Apr 20
County 13 was Jackson—another LPC at a gas station
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Krys Apr 19
Did lifetime think we needed more lies and innuendoes about the Duchess of Sussex. This travesty seems like they're just joining the harassment of the DoS. Ainit saying d actress is ugly, BUT that casting is an offense to the senses.
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J. Johnson Apr 14
Replying to @news4DC @News4DCdesk
blacks people commits crimes on a daily basis. There’s nothing positive reported about people who live and work in Prince George’s County or Southeast DC. In fact, a lot of people in these communities help bring about change.
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Frogmore Royal Apr 15
Replying to @PatriciaTreble
RRs so triggered by the Duchess of Success, they've reduced the Duke to a whimpering sniffling indecisive shadow who merely shuffles along in acquiescence to her every directive. Apparently, even Harry's very act of breathing is now directed by Meghan! !!!
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