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eleanor Sep 16
Has anyone had endo found on their bowels? What were your symptoms?
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Patrick Daly 9h
Replying to @hulllive @Kate26102
My story about now also on The Mail Online. More than 10,000 views on our own website, so great exposure on this issue
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Josie Young Sep 19
Yeah sex is good but have you ever found yourself a doctor who takes you seriously, appreciates that you’ve researched what is going on with your own body and doesn’t dismiss you and genuinely cares about being there for you and helping you?
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honey 🐝 Sep 15
Having a really bad endometriosis flare up day. I’ve been in the tub and on the couch with my heating pad most of the day. Anyone have any tips that relieve their pain?? 💖
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Jenny Whitham 7h
I went for a walk, it rained a bit but it was so good to be out the house that i didnt care at all. Feeling hopeful. was getting me down but ill fight back, I always do.
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Rachael Mae 🍓 Sep 18
Can someone please reassure me night sweats are common with and ? I’ve had it bad for years now but my boyfriend heard it can be related to heart conditions and he’s freaking out and freaking me out. Just need to know if more women suffer the same?
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Endometriosis UK 5h
Outrageous had to suffer – and pay – so much to get a diagnosis of . But sadly not uncommon. Thank you for raising awareness and helping others get a diagnosis
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End-O Sep 15
On average it takes 7 years to get diagnosed with . we want to hear from you - how long did it take for you to be diagnosed?
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BitchMedia 2h
There is a long, sordid history of the health care industry ignoring women's pain.
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Hannah Hillier Sep 19
Does anyone else who suffers with get cold/flu symptoms EVERY single month? So tired of this condition!!! 😢 getting surgery on Friday, nervous but hopeful that it works.
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Pain in the lower back is a common sign of . If you experience any of these other symptoms, you may need to see your doctor: .
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eleanor 6h
I have a consultation for pelvic floor physical therapy next Friday! Has anyone with done this? What kind of results did you get? I have pretty bad hip, groin, and back pain.
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👰💍🥄Samie🎃Pumpkin🏳️‍🌈🍁🎗 25m
Yesterday my headache turned into a horrible migraine. I couldn't sleep because the pain was too intense. At 4am I got violently ill…
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G E N E S I S © 19h
When everyone thinks I’m in a “bad” mood.... nooooo I have a chronic illness that bitch is fucking up my insides
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Australian Story Sep 17
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Ciara Phelan Sep 10
Quick - anyone suffering with out there that has some remedies to help elevate pain? Any foods to avoid etc? Thanks 🤗
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سعد شيبان#الأقصى🇸🇦 9h
First case of RCT I had done in the last week 😊
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Dr Kylie Murray 20h
Any other academics out there with and/or ()? I'd love to hear SUCCESS stories: what's helped you cope, manage pain, and keep going? How do you manage flare ups? It would be great to get a conversation going about this.
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Dr. Arielle Denise 19h
Late night pain has me researching accelerated nursing programs... of course my PhD still didn’t prepare me to apply for a BSN!
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chunkylover53 12h
I had a laparoscopy for and like three months ago and I’m already in PAIN again outside of my period. Why did I even bother
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PossumB 7h
With all due respect America and pharmaceuticals CREATED the opioid problem. GPs need to oversee compulsory pain management class attendance after any ongoing opioid script of 3 months plus. Remember there are people who need opioids genuinely
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