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Saint Skies Oct 14
An extremely boring or bad day.....🤔🤔🤔 wait....Everyday is made a thousand times better for me by the heavenly voice of my absolute favors artist of all time love your music Hamasaki-sama
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Chris Duvall 4 Sep 18
After three weeks of waiting (an eternity for a fanboy), it‘s finally here!!! TROUBLE by • • • •
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Gabrielle Silver Aug 13
So i did colour it. It's been a while i've done any Ayu fanart. I think it turned out ok, even though it's less looking like her.
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Hayasaki Yuya 6 Nov 14
Ayumi Hamasaki 53rd Single 「Zutto... / Last Minute / Walk」out on 12.24.2014!!!
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Hayasaki Yuya 2 Dec 15
始まってるぜええええ! 🙏🏻✨🎉🇯🇵
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