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No "Sorry"s in 2019 Jun 13
Replying to @LindseyGrahamSC
Tell us how you feel about foreign political operatives and officials, say, paying for hotel rooms, ball rooms, in a hotel owned by a sitting US president's company, one that isn't transparent? Please, do go on.
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Sherry Sherry 10h
Trump has cost more in 2 yrs than Obama did in 8. Billing gov't $1k a night per room for his staff to stay at his hotels. Charged govt over $500k golf carts. Refusing to play golf at Military courses or public courses.
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Bacchanalia 22h
The worst attack on our democracy from within by this callous, sociopathic, mendacious, corrupt, malignant narcissist. It will take years to repair the damage to our republic. Shame on this cowardly bully.
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Teri Singer Jun 13
So Elaine Chao, wife of Mitch McConnell, took an extra year to divest of her conflicts of interest as Transportation Sec and her father in CHINA benefits from her activities then said father in CHINA gives McConnell MILLIONS of $$$. Hmmm, nothing to see here right?
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116th Congress Jun 12
Replying to @116thcongress
An Impeachment Inquiry focused solely on could keep a large squad of forensic attorneys and auditors busy for years.
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Oscar8$ 5h
Beginning of the nightmare
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IndyRadio 1h
Also, accepting gifts of more than de minimus value is also illegal. There should be no need for reminders. We've been had, and my question is what was the price tag on Nancy Pelosi who has used her influence, sucessfully, to keep the House of Representative quiet.
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IndyRadio 29m
We've got a bunch of Nazis making the law, and they got elected with foreign money, that is the problem. Fuck your law.
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Lauren Meister Jun 12
Replying to @MaddowBlog
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scott m connolly Jun 15
How does one enforce the Emoluments Clause? By checking income records etc before and after office.
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N Jun 14
Replying to @kylegriffin1
Easy way to pay off the first family
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Danny Crews Jun 12
Replying to @IvankaTrump @SelectUSA
You Trumps are all alike working and using your positions to put more in your pockets and sealing the deal for Trump pockets. You're all crooked & deceitful. !
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Business Accountant Jun 15
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twistedfate72 Jun 14
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Sherry Sherry Jun 9
Trump bitched that Obama was wasting tax $ playing golf, & he, Trump would be too busy working to play golf. He is not only golfing more than 4x more than Obama, he has enriched his own businesses over $100M billed to Govt.
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Deschedule420 🇺🇸 Jun 12
One of the Constitution's authors, Alexander Hamilton, wrote the ban would insure that foreign governments "can neither weaken (the president's) fortitude by operating on his necessities, nor corrupt his integrity by appealing to his avarice."
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KewlBern🔥 Jun 15
Replying to @business
Because of course she did.
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Nick Knudsen 🇺🇸 Jun 14
Today is Donald Trump’s birthday. As a present to himself, I’m sure he’ll find a few new ways to pocket our tax dollars, and undoubtedly his children will buy him some gifts using money made from business deals that leveraged their father’s presidency.
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Webb Art Jun 12
Nothing about how much income to Trump’s businesses has been declared since he has become President. Of course, it is a conflict of interest and the leaders in Ireland knew it and refused to meet with Yrump on his golf property in Ireland last week
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Politics & Health ♒️🌊 Jun 14
Replying to @ntrval @tribelaw
But they did; the clause; the 25th Amendment, impeachment are all in the Constitution and/or B of R.
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