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Lawren K 12h
We'll take public hearings on 's conspiracies, including AND what Russia did in ALL 50 states b4 during & after 2016 Elections, including .
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Brravehart ☘️🇨🇦 Apr 10
WHY ISN’T THIS FRONT PAGE NEWS? The has just changed the definition of to not include money that is made selling goods and services. cc:
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Donald Twitler Apr 19
Were vs We’re? We are a Constitutional Republic. A trashy candidate who crates words like bragadocious and covfefe can hardly be considered intelligent or even a “Highly Stable Genius” especially if he is a Mob Boss accused of numerous and violations.
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🌊@prairielive #ImpeachTrumpPence🌊 2h
150 yrs precedent, adherance to the law changed. Filings since 6-2017 reveal new interpretation, “would permit , all fed officials to accept unlimited foreign govs $, as long as $ comes via commercial transactions w/entity owned by fed official." via
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Steve Cohen Apr 4
40 Members of Congress joined me in requesting that Appropriations bills prohibit the use of federal funds at Trump business. Trump shouldn’t be able to violate the & use his office to enrich himself. Read the letter:
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Bryan Dawson Apr 11
U.S. Department of Defense personnel spent more than $300,000 on lodging, restaurants, & other amenities at Trump properties from January 2017 - November 2018 Remember when Republicans forced Jimmy Carter to give up his family farm?
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Peach McDouall Apr 19
Replying to @kylegriffin1
, as a judicial proceeding, opens a whole new range of documents to review by congressional investigators. The time is now. The precedent of corruption & mendacity, let alone criminal negligence & cruelty, cannot be allowed to stand.
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BFF Apr 4
Replying to @NBCPolitics @NBCNews
No Sir it’s about the Fuckin Constitution.... I and most Americans believe the President of The United States is a criminal, Con Man and-cheat. This does not mention the Ivanka, Jerrod and The others who are fleecing America right before your eyes. You are Blind
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Suzanne 12h
The entire nation should be thankful for and following the Emoluments lawsuit brought by DC AG MD AG &
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Jess Mar 29
to profit off the Presidency, but I don’t. And the constitution says it’s not okay.
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Georgetown ACS Apr 4
TONIGHT: We are so excited to welcome Professor for a chat about the Emoluments Clause, and what it could mean for President Trump in pending litigation. 4-5:30 in McD 141!
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AG Karl A. Racine Apr 18
ICYMI: Take a listen to my chat with this morning talking about the fight for and how I'm working to stop Pres. Trump from violating the Constitution and profiting from the presidency:
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W. David Stephenson 6h
Replying to @Newsweek
rub on those soothing
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Joseph Echevarria Apr 5
Replying to @EdKrassen
The Presidents emoluments It just makes sense it's true The truth about his tax expense Will mean that he is through A demonstration of his lies He's not rich as he says. And all those big emoluments Will finally end this prez.
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Graham Ledger Mar 19
Tonight: priorities. takes advantage of a week without to shape his . Also: A Maryland sheriff weighs in on affecting his county. Plus: The phony lawsuit accusing the president of violating the clause
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Bobby W. Apr 20
What if the obstruction IS the "collusion"? All these off the record meetings with Putin over the course of an investigation he's been tampering with. Ostensibly the motivation with this hypothesis is financial gain, making this an clause issue.
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Barbara Anderson Apr 20
Replying to @realDonaldTrump
All US citizens should read the Mueller Report to see how corrupt you are, Moral bankruptcy, ineptitude, Abuse of Power, & total disregard for our Constitution & Rule of Law make you unfit for office of President. Where's your outrage re Putin's actions?
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harriseve 10h
THIS - RT : To be clear: Trump was impeachable on his first day in office because his failure to divest created an insurmountable conflict of interest that is expressly forbidden in the constitution.
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Nick Knudsen 🇺🇸 Apr 3
I *especially* want to see those business tax returns.
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Dr. Julie Armstrong 9h
Please tell me the American people are not paying for a video editor to craft this junk?
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