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RandomMinutia 1h
Uh guys (, ), 2 things can be true at once. Placing Government agencies across the country can be good. Purposefully doing it to purge the professionals who work on this for a living is very bad. Also , you went to Yale & Stanford. 😑
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Abe 7h
Mitt Romney is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.. God warns us of deceivers like him
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Suryansh Pugalia 14h
Replying to @RahulGandhi
BIGOT is a person out on bail for corruption giving moral gyaan to others.
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Brett Oct 15
so I’m still waiting for you to tell to “fuck off” since he doesn’t follow in line with your way of thinking. Learn to love Bonnetta.
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RudeGuy 20h
Christine Legarde is a global who lives behind , earns plenty, and supports discrimination — funny how she does not specifically respond to the revealing questions and acts like she is an “everyday” person.
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Anthony chimenti Oct 17
Demonization of wealth?! That’s a stretch. Wait til the evil take over then you’re really going to pay!She broke the law. Pay up sucker. Dont do the crime if you can’t do the time! You’re part of the problem Pal.
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Randall Moore Oct 16
Seriously pisses me off when Trudeau & Butts demonize blue collar know, those who might wear a vest.
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PoshGen Oct 18
My heart races for Jaspar 'Oxter' Tittigirth
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PoshGen Oct 19
Chancellor Perry Maxwell Churchill-Thackeray has 3 personal chefs at Christmas
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PoshGen Oct 17
Count Crispin Victor Camden-Addington never complains, never explains
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DumbBets Oct 17
Bananas are expensive.
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Giovanni Oct 19
Replying to @RealSaavedra
Wow, what a moron. She couldn’t put a complete sentence together and the look on her face shows she was taken aback by the question. How dare you question my response.
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Hollis Day Jr “Bubbe” Oct 20
Replying to @HillaryClinton
Please be quiet. You have no one fooled anymore. We all know what a corrupt, vile, & evil woman you are. You define the word elitist and the country would be better off if you moved out of it
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Smush Oct 19
Replying to @peltzmadeline
Spoken like a true
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soundofmusak 🇨🇦 5h
Replying to @HoCStaffer
This is where you start only responding to verified accounts, isn't it?
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SilkMonkey 23h
Crowd at CenturyLink I will describe as "candy-ass" - if you're in one of the 340something sections make noise on defense or leave.
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Milky Rippers Oct 17
The issue is country wide but the NE is astounding. I earn a good wage/ live well yet can’t visit my older mother as I cannot afford that each month. Im confused how those on lower income can you this service. I travel who are value but that costs time.
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la morena Oct 14
Anywho I’m a huge clean freak and most ppl are nasty af.
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Courtney 18h
Replying to @DanRather
Wrong .  Americans woke up and elected Trump over the We saved America.
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OKTC 22h
You should be in jail for all of the ethics laws you have broken
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