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Shypencil Jan 2
Here’s my latest sketches about my Elementage story with Jane and Perceval !
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Shypencil Dec 31
First colored pencils drawing in a long time ! I kinda lost my touch but all I need is practice !! My lovely Jane Oc from Elementage 💧
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Shypencil Jan 1
First drawing of the new year🎉Wish you the best! So I redrew a pic I did a few days ago to colour it but it’s so complicated... if anyone has some tips I’m all ears! It’s way easier on digital
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mel schriver May 1
So Cerium is now my element for the next 365 days. My element is common (rare for a Rare Earth) and soft, admirable properties for both metals and professors.
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Jayson! 2 Aug 17
Dana kalambat danaka palang pet hahah :D
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