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Guava13 Nov 19
Science Scholars - draw for understanding!
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Veena Kaniyaly Nov 19
My favorite part of teaching at is teaching these dedicated & hardworking students! Thanks and for your insights in this article. Can’t even express how proud I am of them💚💚💚
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K12Prospects Nov 20
What are the top educator marketers doing differently
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Light_Truth_Hope Nov 19
✠ • Thank You Lord for Your protection over us, our family, friends and loved ones. You are the God who continually sees all! Jehovah El Roi the Lord our God is our Strong Tower! We seek refuge in Him! • Roi
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☀️Amanda Lescas ☀️ Nov 20
What a powerful story on the reality that many of our students from Guatemala live in the United States. These kids are mature beyond their years- so important for educators to be aware of life outside of school. (Your Ss are lucky to have you !)
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Clara Bauler Nov 21
Beautiful poems by multilingual learners! Thank you for sharing! What a great way to elevate the voices of multilingual youth!
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sporza🔥 6h
Ding Dong 👀 (Sound on)
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Richelle Fiorito Nov 24
Building Language and Content knowledge
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Nishant Vashist Nov 20
I wanted to write a lot for what happened to me today, but i won't, just wanted me to remember this date, which is today, Friday-20th November 2020, buddy always remember what i felt today, be strong you can always be better
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Michael Huckaby Nov 17
math + language demonstrated perfectly
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rosamond Nov 23
Replying to @ElDeBarge
This will ALWAYS be the right upbeat song for any day of the week! DeBargeFanForever
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CivilizedBarbarian Nov 18
Our community is having a really tough time. Many of my students have COVID-19 patients in their households and some already have family members passed away. Many are surviving under high physical mental and financial pressures. Paso
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Kachica P 🇵🇪🌸 Nov 19
Replying to @nakun_8468
It's good that you rengue discord, hehehe what your name in discord and your number uwu, my name is: el socialista ☭ spanish, and mi number is socialista ☭#4833...thanks jeje😍💓💓🌍☺️🇵🇪
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K12Prospects Nov 21
What Successful Vendor to School Districts Need to Know
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Simon Gilroy Nov 25
R.i.p 🤴🏾 and happy birthday I love yall R.i.p
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𐎧𐏁𐎴𐎿𐏃𐎡𐎹 Nov 23
Everybody wanna be like god... except god, wanna be like us
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HappyScienceUofTokyo Nov 24
"I was often feeling exhausted from the grueling kendo practices and the two-and-a-half-hour commute between school and home."
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Christine M. T. Pitts, PhD Nov 20
GAO released report: Challenges Providing Services to K-12 English Learners and Students with Disabilities during COVID-19 --
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Amber Beauchamp Nov 24
Replying to @OrlyKlapholz
I use WIDA can do statements and send to each teacher for each of my ELs what they “can do” in those domains to show their strengths and try to help the teachers see what supports help you have other ideas for shifting the language positively?
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Keegan Hilgendorf Nov 20
Replying to @S_Goyette42
Please. I've seen The Bumpershield Defense
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