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Ell Phantasmo 1h
This long weekend remember to give eggs in honour of our young hero who suffered injury in the face of pranking grandstanding hate pedaling dickhe@ds
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que fue loco Apr 16
Replying to @fraser_anning
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Kiera Kelly 19h
Because the Daily Mail is a great factual source? Mr Squiggle would provide more accurate statistics than the Daily Mail.
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Diyaa Xe Apr 16
Somebody throw egg on him Where need
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WillConnolly Apr 7
Don't be afraid to be the right person.
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WillConnolly 18h
Be a good person but don’t waste time to prove it.
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scott_marsh 2h
kicks off tomorrow morning 😁🥚 Approx 9am start in Brissy & Sydney. Follow my insta story for all the updates 👍🏼 *Visit the link in my bio for the full run down*
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Fathima Moosa Apr 16
Replying to @fraser_anning @eggboy
Me thinks u need another where’s
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Russ  Robinson Apr 16
Replying to @CatPurry9
Fraser Anning's old time stereotypes belong in the rubbish bin along with his other outdated ideas on guns and his thought bubbles on social policy.
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Gilly Apr 15
Worked in the 1500s, would most likely work today! Bring back
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que fue loco 15h
Replying to @washingtonpost
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Shan e Zehra Apr 16
Replying to @WillConnolly_A
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Shahid Uddin Mahamud Apr 15
Replying to @realDonaldTrump
You also need a .
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Roy Molloy Apr 7
Sunday real talk: I still can't stop thinkin about those Frasier Anning thugs bashin . Postin about punching nazis is great but please follow through by learnin Brazilian jujitsu or somethin, cuz if it comes to street violence right now I don't reckon many us would hold up
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Alicia Papp Mar 25
Replying to @robiroso @theprojecttv
The world's gone mad when people shoot others for their beliefs. He cracked an egg on a racists head. And he got disporportionally assaulted in return. That's why is a hero.
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Found 72 eggs in a work cupboard dated from BBF July (could be older than 2018 too) I’ve found my limit and won’t need even eat these Need ideas on what to throw them at The new 🍳
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Paul Sakkal Apr 7
Replying to @theage
A man who allegedly kicked several times while he was on the ground is being sought by police for assault
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ᴍᴀᴛᴛ ʜ ᴋᴇɴɴᴇᴅy Apr 5
I wish confronted with words rather than breakfast, but I guarantee he'd have been shouted down anyway. It seems even skinhead Italian Fascistas are more polite than Anning and his boofhead, bigoted followers! 🙈
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Henrietta McAlister 10h
Whosat? Looks like the pic of the guy that kicked
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Rafael Epstein Apr 7
update.. still investigating Someone kicked Eggboy when he was down. Cops want to speak to this guy in relation to this.
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