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Danna Higgins Jan 18
I feel very sorry for you all , totally fooled by the right wing media - daily mail readers perchance ??Are you so naive that you think the commonwealth is suddenly going to be banging on our door ??
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fleurdelisgal🌹 2h
After the nomination was STOLEN from him, there was NO TIME to legally get him on ALL STATES’ BALLOTS! Many states like TX have ‘sore loser’ rules prohib’g write-ins @ general!
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Timothy 2h
Replying to @CalebJHull
Maybe someone should tell her what they do to gay people in Iran. Better yet let her go see for herself.
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TheTimeIsNow 3h
Lol! He only sleeps 4 hours a night because he’s an idiot who can’t put down the phone. Also could be part of the dementia. As far as the money? He’s making money hand over fist in all his business ventures. That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever read.
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MiRanda Mabe Jan 18
If you knew the ingredients in vaccines, would YOU vaccinate? #
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Jill Gradwohl Jan 17
Replying to @carr_55 @JDwinal and 2 others
Uh thanks? you're reflecting your own issues on to me. Try looking at both sides of an issue before deciding who to support. Usually the story is more complicated than what pundits or politicians want u to believe. Regardless of political leanings
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Kathleen Marcon Jan 17
You do realize that people are working without pay right now, right? Air traffic controllers are going to work every day and not getting paid. Same for many federal employees.
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Kelli Yarbrough Jan 14
And yeah you're showing why Trump geared his campaign towards people like you.. Lmmfao it's not in the constitution it's an amendment to the constitution!!!
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If I may interject!?! Jan 18
You said "men like to work with things". That's hands on work. AKA "physical work"!!! If that's not what you meant. Learn to form a proper sentence. Us educated people often don't speak the language of stupid!
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JD 5h
These teens have no idea about our history. The irony here, is that WE are the original immigrants. If you have opened a history book, you would see the devastating hardships that we put the NATIVES of this country through. Please .
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Eggz Jan 17
And the Hereditary chiefs are protecting the land and planet so the future generation may continue to live on the land. So excited for National Education Day!
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Vu The Truth Jan 17
If you haven’t seen this masterpiece yet, Bruce Willis 💥🔥🔥🔥
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Pouneh Tayyeb Jan 16
why r u reporting false info about Schools punishing student’s with bad attendance. Take time 2 read the memo they sent out.
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Jeffrey Schetroma Jan 18
Replying to @GraffJen @ABCWorldNews
President has stayed at the White House the entire shutdown waiting to work with legislators...
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merrylittle_kristmas 4h
PTSD isn't something that you ever really get rid of, you can control it&minimize the impacts it yields on your daily life, but there will always be a presence of it. Explaining it to people who've never experienced it can be just as exhausting as dealing with it
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Shai DeLuca-Tamasi 6h
It’s racist for Jews to have self determination? Well that’s a new one.
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KKRP Jan 16
I’d go higher, but YES!! Read up on it.
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Jared Rice Jan 14
I learn more from videos than most (not all) my college professors.
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Tracy Lynn Zuleger Jan 16
Replying to @feuer_frei @LeahRemini
I have never been in so your right I don't know what it's like to escape but boy am I getting an education on escaping cults. I hope I never have to escape anything in my life.
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Matthew Smith 8h
Replying to @KaitMarieox
Without taxes you wouldn't have roads to drive your car (DOT fixes that)... likely your food would kill you (FDA fixes that). Hell, you would have no platform for your ignorant message: the government created the protocol that runs the internet (Google arpanet)
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