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Sto Aug 9
Sto-ology: Is Worth Losing - - George ...
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lexie rojas Aug 8
Okay but if Tik Tok gets canceled, how will I continue to produce nuggets of comedic gold such as this? 👀
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Awcebgn1 Aug 6
Trump's supporters gotta be really really . trump's the
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gone country 16h
Replying to @Hassenach @EdMarkey
Sounds like you're too to know what real socialism is. 🤣 This is help to those 40 million unemployed. Oh...and look at this:
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Aby Aug 9
Miss the 3 am talk with my cousins
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CurbyBoy Aug 9
Replying to @UnbiasedKatie
I didnt know this was a troll🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
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EDN 18h
Replying to @notcapnamerica
I saw this earlier & it made my blood boil. Unfortunately, the obsession with "chastity" and virginity blinds folks to basic health & hygiene. Basically, a girl loses the virginity sweepstakes because her vagina was a tampon.
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🔪💀Marc Rogers💀🔪 13h
I am 100% against Child Sex Trafficking as well as any other type of trafficking. But when people try to blame a certain sex or even a race, that is just outright
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Kulbir_Colin_Singh_Dhillon_LFC 🇨🇦 22h
When most of the vehicles controls are built into the screen, not sure it can be labelled distracting...
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EricSF123 Aug 8
I hear you gave the ok for the motorcycle gathering even though the majority of Sturgis residents wanted it cancelled. You’re obviously in the Trump Cult.
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GhostFarts Aug 9
Replying to @mattesontv
This is the dumbest thing I’ve seen through this entire thing. Looks like natural selection may be getting a turn soon.
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Jackhole Angry Beaver Aug 8
I had a "Duh" moment today. I was trying to pull this off my deodorant and hubs says "Just twist the knob and as the deodorant goes up, that will come off." I wanted to smack myself.
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Trace Chisley aka Preacher Aug 8
If you vote for him you're either a , highly , easily by , , , educated but with no or maybe you're
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Anthony Williams Aug 8
Keeps on talking about blindness in both eyes whereas you sound & act like the and man.
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im bby🍑 Aug 2
Here's your daily dose of dumb bitch
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PattyChocolateMilk Aug 9
Dear 🤡 ~ Here's an courtesy of : hint Cheers, pcm✌🏽
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POOP3R 12h
What if I told you, you read the first part wrong... What I if told you that you went back and read the first part again, also u read the 3rd part wrong...
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Ronnie Bowling Aug 9
Massive riots, gigantic demonstrations, thousands flooding the streets: silence. Healthy college students to be isolated, tested 3x weekly, and monitored: No! It's too dangerous!
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Replying to @dianebcho @PressSec
The president tells governors to run their state as they see fit cause the people of that state elected you to do just that...he then says let me know what help you need from the federal government and it will be made available to you and keeps his word...and you blame him?
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Me._.tweets 1h
I hate to admit it but 's right , we're and
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