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MP's have stolen millions of £'s of taxpayers money. Keith Vaz caught with drugs and rent boys the list goes on and on but a senior navy officer used a car on the weekend and gets fired. Every MP should lower their heads in shame
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Leave.EU May 19
A second pollster is now showing the Brexit Party beating the Tories in general election voting, paving the way for major representation in the House of Commons. The people are sick of this corrupt political class - and the Brexit Party is going to !
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Mr. D. Ebanks May 20
Women: Then & Now... Democrats are DISGUSTING.
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Javad Zarif May 20
. rightly deplores "military-industrial complex" pushing U.S. to But allowing to trash diplomacy & abet war crimes—by milking despotic butchers via massive arms sales—achieves nothing but empowering that same complex. Time to ?
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Steve A. Von Loor May 14
Does he really care about us? I don’t think so! True Fact... . Help me
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Brad Parscale 2h
Democrats refuse to work with on: -Border Security -USMCA -Tax Cuts -Healthcare -And NOW infrastructure Nancy’s comments yesterday before the infrastructure meeting were just more obstruction! She refuses to help America for political gain.
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MoggMentum May 21
To the very few people who stayed loyal to the Conservative Party until now, it's time to let go. Cut your membership cards up & jump ship. They don't care about you, your money or your votes Sign up to the today and Let's Change Politics For Good.
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Rob Counts May 21
Who's gonna call Madonna out for her weird seeming threats and symbolism on ? Oh whut ... ... these guys.
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Week-in, Week-out May 21
Replying to @Nigel_Farage
When they can't find any dirt, they just make it up
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Mark Kendall 3h
Replying to @realDonaldTrump
Greatest President in U.S. history Thank you for all you do! FBI will be in jail soon and Republicans in the house. Keep kicking maximum ass and don’t be concerned with that drunk old lady...
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Programmable 4h
Controlled by whom? Narrated by whom? Purpose to deceive and lead the masses. or you're part of it... And who is on top?
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All Pilgrim 2h
Really? The people who ignored our referendum result, are now complaining that EU voters cannot vote because they hadn't registered properly, and that it's undemocratic
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Jeff Uebler May 21
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Donald J. Trumpbot 3h
Rove embarrassed by Crooked Hillary Clinton Email Server' Clinton is gonna take a
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Gabriel Nya 8h
Replying to @charliekirk11
The press won't. They saying goes. 'Who ever pays the piper....' The 'press' does it's masters bidding. In this case 'Democrat party'
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Tom Norton for Congress May 18
Help to by contributing $30 to put a veteran who knows how to fight in the 3rd district congressional seat. Tom Norton has your back.
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Wyatt Earp 10h
#IsaacKappy#EliahaiPriest#Deepstate #SpeakingwithFionaBarnett#Q#SRA
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Spencer J 4h
Replying to @AOC
But the President told his followers he was going to 😂
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All Pilgrim May 22
Is it really happening? Has she finally run out of road? Is it the end of May, before the end of May? Not usually happy at people losing their job, but I make an exception here
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Col  ✏️📚 12h
Replying to @ClairesOnAir
Classic leftard nastiness. Is why we are all voting to
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