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Terrible Author at large 4h
Replying to @BranniganStarr
Yeah its stupid expensive here too but not as expensive as being done unregistered.... especially when your brother is law enforcement
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Pave 2h
📢 📢 Calling all University of Kent and University of Hertfordshirestudents! Pave will be visiting both university campuses tomorrow 11am-3pm to chat with you about and ...
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Papá Carlito Oct 13
Replying to @jaysonst
Ibañez pinch hitting for ARod to tie, then again for the walk-off.
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CanucksLadies #3 Oct 13
Both. Hit him into the boards then decided he should throw him down to the ice as well.
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Tom Docherty 13h
The problem with this Alex is that if they did lose that or more then why should we believe their estimation?
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Kath Oct 13
Replying to @blokeridesabike
I hope some of the councillors who ignored/dismissed the local residents pleas in favour of keeping the developers sweet get caught up in the chaos as they drive to Shirehall. Won’t it be interesting if the Courts road work isn’t completed by the time this starts
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Andi Bell 17h
Exactly ❌💃
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@bMurfy Oct 10
Stars really alligned for you there James
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Alistair Harwood Oct 8
So not only did I get a rejection for but the lovely jacket they sent along with it has a broken zip 🙄 how do I go about getting a replacement?
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Anne Laybourne Oct 5
Replying to @cityalan
what are you doing to me!! That is so moving. I was so fortunate to have some brilliant teachers....and of course, two teachers for parents!
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Craig Seward Oct 8
Replying to @MacAulayTodd
Anything at all is improvement. Benny seeing nothing to hit right now because MB bat gone silent.
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👻ARGHliyah Dell'Aqua🕸 Oct 6
Replying to @NikitaJaySydney
That would be amazing and in me time I will secure the court yard in case he plays Houdini! I want to dog so much but cannot commit at this time and you would not have separation anxiety
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Seven Up Netball Oct 13
A team are playing at 11am and B team at 12.30 today. Good luck both teams 🏐🤞🏻
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Eve Troeh Oct 7
Being in caregiver mode = way *less* sleep, way *more* cable news viewing ...
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Mr.Shake Back Oct 9
And its raining too
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Brandon Oct 6
Nothing like going to your in-law's house and having roast beef on your day off.
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It's worse, with the funding formula the additional cost is met from resources that should be spent on pupils
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Dan Saunders🏳️‍🌈 Oct 10
No it is not fair. Also when we were given the chance to opt out, these additional taxes were not on the agenda. Nor were our contributions anticipated to increase as far as they have.
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What's your #ClimateAction for today? Oct 10
Yes influences in other ways too but those 2 are what tell us there is potential for a lot more energetic, more intense tropical storms. It's the of more directly from the & more from condensing .
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Gilk Oct 7
Could really use a here, .
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