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Donald Kyle Yontz 4h
PS. That's 1-100 photos 4 every single one upload! !
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P.L.A.Y 22h
Today Makes 22 Years For This Classic
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Autumn Stephens Jun 11
You can tell JAN/FEB had record breaking cold temps because there’s a lot of pregnancy accouncements for SEP/OCT due dates...
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harry sam 18h
Haven't seen anything this dumb since the ' 100 year celebration: A logo for fans who can't do math! 1969-1978 (10 seasons); 1979-1988 (10 more); 1989-1998 (10 again); 1999-2008 (plus 10); 2009-2018 (That's 50!); Welcome to 2019, the ' 51st season!
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TreatYourFeet! orthotics™ Jun 16
Replying to @RealSaavedra
China brought down the poverty rate from 53% in the Mao Communist era to just 6% in 2001. Meanwhile, the US poverty rate has been INCREASING, to ~13%!
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Andres Barcelo Jun 14
Replying to @C_Hateley @SilERabbit
That would be a 83% off coupon
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Lara Rossignol Jun 16
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Jim Daher 9h
So lately I've been seeing this commercial advertising a $100 prize for collecting all 50 state-themed bottles. Do they not realize that you'd have to spend about $100 to win this $100 prize? Your break-even scheme does not impress me.
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Steve Virissimo 9h
With the utmost respect to everyone I worked with, worked against, know and have known in TV news/production I realize that I know more people WITH an Emmy than without.
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rbl rbl 12h
Replying to @WBrettWilson @CTVNews
We are only .5 percent of the population.
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Krishna Jun 15
Replying to @PickardJE
Boris PM means , no brexit.
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TorontoUberDriver Jun 9
Replying to @UberDriverGTA
Choosing the right car may help you minimize losses - there is no profit in rideshare driving
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Kulbir_Colin_Singh_Dhillon_LFC 🇨🇦 15h
2 million people excreted only 2 shitheads...
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Tom Robinson Jun 10
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Erica S Marshall Jun 13
The National Association of Realtors Says
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D R E' 🤓 Jun 12
I got me a dime piece
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Sebastian Smoot Jun 12
Replying to @GrowingEastMoCo
Srly, faces a huge budget problem: debt is growing and revenue is not keeping up Building an unnecessary bridge to carry 5,000 ppl/day over a 25 mph street w 14,000 vehicles/day would be fiscally irresponsible
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Roger Ford Jun 14
Replying to @Captain_Deltic
Or even 1998.
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Jarred Pechacek Jun 15
An awesome Father’s Day weekend with 8 greats and
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Dominion Charter Jun 15
Our objective is to handle the logistics and the enjoy your family, friends and the fun of traveling. Sales | Lease | Charter | Card
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