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KushMart Jun 1
We've still got plenty of absolutely savory dabs from Kola for only 21$ a gram!!! It's also , so all of our joints and full ounces are 20% off! Mix and match up to 28 grams!!
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Come by today and get 20% off all pre-rolled joints! #
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Goodmorning ! Stop by today for ! 20% off all pre-rolled joints in stock !
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Good Night All! Take Care and join us again tomorrow for more 20% off all joints!
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Leslie England-Gregory May 28
I hit the wrong button on the cable remote and sat here for 30 minutes in the silence, thinking my power was out.
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KushMart May 31
It's here at ! All joints and full ounces are 20% off as usual, and for the day we're also sending .5g cartridges of Lemon Slice from for only 18$! Come in and stock up today!
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