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Seána 18h
I actually hate people so much. Seriously. Bullys and assholes everywhere.
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Bella Hadidn’t Mar 15
Replying to @noirblvck_ @miraACE
Lmaooo I’m the sweetest person in you people’s lives.
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Steve Mar 18
Personally I'd take Wan-Bissaka as a replacement for Coleman
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Stephen Crowders 18h
How can you not sing along to Pulp?! Fantastic music.
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Danny Wade 18h
People always blame picky eaters for not trying, not caring or being difficult. Being a selective eater can have negative psychological outcomes in the future and need to be recognized and nurtured.
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Marley Gronfors 13h
Replying to @DamanMills
Dont let hateful comments like that bring you down love is love and you are who you are because of it ♥️🧡💛💚💙💜
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Stephen Crowders 14h
I fucking hate codeine!
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Game Changer Mar 15
Replying to @DanBailey11
Work 🤣🤣🤣
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Stephen Crowders Mar 20
If left unchecked, the Russian witchunt will create violent conflict and irreversible catastrophe.
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Stephen Crowders 23h
If Ken Dodd is on your side, you should probably re-evaluate what your side is.
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Sassy Sweetheart 9h
Anyone else notice that a lot of celebrities we love reply to the haters but not so much the fans that love and adore them? The haters want a reaction. Report them if it’s out of line. Just care about the people that support you!
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Alexa lucero 5h
No, he quenches my thirst every other night. I’m good. 👀🤷🏻‍♀️
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TwiterTrouble(tt) Mar 18
Please do not say that I’m stealing ‘s idea of creating/looking at Twitter drama ...the reason is that my pal got really bad hate for starting a drama Chanel and Twitter ...plz don’t hate
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Gertz 13h
Replying to @tainattv
I remember from that Howard Stern movie Private Parts... they said the people that hated him listened three times more than the people who liked him! Why?? Because they wanted to see what he would say next...and hate on it.
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Cody miller 9h
Replying to @beaver_luke
Because they know they can’t win championship there!
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Stephen Crowders Mar 19
A C90 cassette holding Zayn Malik on the A-side and Cold Play on the B-side is the greatest use of tape since sellotape.
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People will underestimate me, but that’s ok, cause mankind has always done that
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Daisy Withers Mar 15
At the hospital and my BSN is fully tatted! How cool is that?! Cool to see that employers can see past those things.
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Gray Williams Mar 16
Well this was one eventfull week!! Wayy out of my comfort zone! But i win at life regardless people 😎👍🏻
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Kaylynmatos Mar 19
If someone tells u something that u have to do ingore them so they know how it feels to get bullied
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