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Asumang Samuel 18h
Replying to @shattawalegh
Yes that’s good insult them again leave them to God
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Precious M.🚺 Apr 19
I'm not selling my soul for a couple dollars I could never be THAT broke Go find you a job so you ain't gotta be fucking 100niggas get you a job and 1 nigga ok 2 🤦🏾‍♀️ so when they acting up yo pussy still in good hands and you got yo OWN check but ijs ARGUE W/M✋
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Aminah Salahuddin Apr 20
Replying to @AngieAngeAM
Howard University is Not The Communities Campus The Students Pay Tuition to attend There We Will Not Move Howard But Security Will Be Enforced Its Not A Dog Park!!!!!! Take your Pets to a Dog Park Okkkkkkur Bisons Stand Up Mute DC
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Alan simm 9h
Replying to @MagicMo11LFC
🤣 hold your breath
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BreanaMarie✌️ Apr 19
Budweiser 🍻 over bud light ANYDAY @ME
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Makoa 17h
Yall wanna talk, I can give yall something to talk about.. I'm done. And it worst when it's the ones who you thought had your back.. I dont know what I did to get this disrespect when all I've been was nice.. I'm gone.. @Me
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verendra 15h
Replying to @MadhavSheth1
know what to guess😉
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Michael Manlove 25m
Replying to @realDonaldTrump
believe that Shit , look to Puerto Rico ! He tossed some paper towels!
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Jacob Barrera Apr 19
Context is important 😘 @me
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veehzi 8h
Top holidays ranked in order: Thanksgiving Halloween Christmas @me
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craig huckabee Apr 20
Replying to @thehill
squeeze the charmin
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lilbuster 16h
When it faded It really faded talk about Loyalty cause nobody has it
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Praveen Rontala 10h
Feeling pity😐 know how to feel? have to feel happy for being some development is going on or feel sad for being distruction is going on the constitutional bodies day by day😐😐
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Kenzie Apr 19
Don’t change not a single curve or one line change # why don’t we
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KiiNG  MeNeS  LoVE  ♔  •°•°• 16m
Listen to Really Don’t be Caring by KiiNG MeNeS ++ on be
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cannizzaro wilson 9h
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John Sebbanja Apr 16
tell people yo dreams show dem
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Heart_spoken_me 5h
You don't have to owe everything in life. Experience is the only thing that matters. Pc
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The prestigious legend weevil of the week bestowed Apr 18
That’s right Colin
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