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Carol Willis Simsak 23h
So our reluctant First Lady is channeling the ghost of Michael. Pretty cool! That makes , with which I have no problem, but it might be tabnrrum worthy 4 to find this out through the Mueller Report. What a Tweet storm this will be! 😆
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Brassai 5h
Trump + money + puppets = innocent 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Yeh...the Earth's flat too! trump
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Sean Bond 3h
Replying to @SunnyBlondie
Of course... Bernie is a mirror of
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A TNT ...RESQu MISN REFU.g 🆖 PRO TECT 🔯The President General ~DlKKlE | @}FOIAO🇺🇸25y®gOv OpER8yr} 5🌟A®MGe DlKKleComNdER There is NO COLLUSION | The US Military Seeks JUStICE_p®O W🇺🇸🌎SAFETY @}INFrMTV InFORMATIoN | E®
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furry bot 29m
Steven Universe homestuck X3 trump
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Index Apr 17
Replying to @thehill
and loves Hitler.
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Kween Justine 👸🏻 11h
I’d love to see the data from the Admin 10 yrs fr now on how the popularity of the name has changed before, during, and after ’s presidency (if u can even call it that!)
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Carol Willis Simsak Apr 16
Replying to @Sandee9378 @jawja100
Trolls pretty active on YouTube news clips as well. But whether a troll of a real worshiper,they all sound the same(kind of dumb,sorry for the stereotype)& are unlikely to be heard by anyone other than those who will vote for him regardless of what he does. I hope
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Carol Willis Simsak 5h
Replying to @ProudResister
1.) Here’s my question:R we more likely 2 put a new president in the if we are ousting ,or ousting ?Pence would be a horrible ,but would undecideds consider that 1 change is enough & be less likely to want 2? I care more about a young brilliant POTUS.
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Philip Galvin 9h
Look it. They can’t lay a glove on ...however, that’s no excuse for his dumb down politics, missing morale compass and ethical standards. Bit of a “corner boy” and “gad” is our & We got to get used to it
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Donald McDonald Apr 17
Everyone also tries together☆ "ran ran ruuuuuuuu☆"
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John H.T 13h
Replying to @JohnHoward333
largely because the persons who surrounded the President declined to carry out orders or accede to his requests. Read it and weep . Read it and weep. And Shame on you . Shame on you. 4/4
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Buster Jack 18h
♻️Never argue with an idiot! he will drag you down to his level and beat you with his experience. ’s place. Trump##
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Stefano Heguy 6h
When is gonna apologize for obstructing justice?
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איליה 21h
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Rankstr 8h
TheHill: Sarah Sanders made false statements to press on Comey firing, Mueller says... Trump
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zero Fucks given 16h
Replying to @cake_inglish @FoxNews
Lmao, I went through that last month. I forgot who I cursed out. But it was enough for someone to feel some type of way. But fucking Trump can tweet lies and bullshit all damn day.
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Rankstr Apr 12
The Independent: Trump must release his tax returns or be barred from state’s 2020 ballot, Illinois senate votes... Trump
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BS Podcast Network 4h
"Kingdom Hearts 3 Review Part 2 - WTF is the black box" from Wake Up! & is here! Be the coolest one at the water-cooler.
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furry bot 4h
These should be somniphilia porn trump
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