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If yo bf or gf leave they phone in yo car you going thru it or nah??? 'tLie
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Majeed 13h
Sugar mummy szn 🎉🎉🎉💛. Thanks a lot boo 😊😊 ’tDateBrokeGirls2018
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Deb Wood 15h
When shoe box sends you your memories 😢’tneedremiding💔
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Ed Allen Sep 23
Replying to @FaithGoldy
’tSignAnythingForFaithGoldy Unless it’s her withdrawal petition.
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Frank Valentini Sep 14
Heartbreaking, exciting, sexy... today’s GH has it all ’tmiss
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July 29 Sep 24
October 27🤪it’s up there n Halloween Party at Ms.Mary🖖🏾 🗣Beat me there
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Sara B Stewart Sep 20
Push back on the GOP Senators. ’tMessWithSurvivors
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Salman Khan Universe Sep 9
We believe no one can ever touch the stardom of Salman-Shahrukh. If they start making sequels of their films then no actor will come on silver screen due to fear.
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TheFrustratedTeacher 2h
I think Brett licked my anus. Unless that was Lindsey Graham. 'tKnockIt
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Donna Joy Usher 8m
No-one ever believes it can be done, until it is. 'tStop
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Jack Percival Sep 22
Replying to @katiemay_xo
About time need a good piss up before we get too old ’tletmedown x
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Help The Kelp Sep 13
Thanks guys!! Couldn't have said it better ourselves!! 'tSkelpOurKelp
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OrangeSugarDaddy Sep 23
"Jack the Don has Meni Sons, a Jessi and a Car" Caption by - Thanks man!
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@INCR€A$€_ Suarez Sep 22
Really have no idea of wat am i going to😂😂😂 really do wanna see my girlfriend in church but...Iyoh🙆 'tMissThisOn
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Giavanni Lamb 3h
Goals get a friend like she was ready to break that wrist 😂😂 'ttouchNaomi'shair
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Todd Oden 13h
Replying to @howle_phowle
I have set a bad example and for that I am sorry. I was not looking at the screen while filming. I promise! Sorry Officer ’tfilm&drive
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FireChiefs@NFCC Sep 14
Off to Uni or college? If you're having a night on the pop to celebrate take a minute to think about how you and your mates will be getting home. Take a safe route away from water and stay with your friends 'tDrinkandDrown
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Robby Castano Sep 24
The # 1 cause of divorce is.......Marriage. 'tdoit
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someZIBITguybi😎 Sep 12
Paul knew SIMON as a gangster among the disciples, so he nicknamed him SIMON.
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Becca Horsfall 41m
is back on. So be prepared to have your twitter feed blown up every Tuesday night! ’tcare
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