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Not sure why some are still chasing .io and .ai, when they should be chasing .com and .app IMO.
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Is Domain blogging dying? Maybe, but these fine folks are still doing what they can to keep things alive
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Announcing my newest sponsor – DNAcademy, and a bit of history you may or may not know
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70% of the top 10 sales this year are .COM, the rest are new gTLDs, what happened to ccTLDs? (hat tip to )
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... Value lies in the hands that hold them.
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NamesCon May 25
Here's the third instalment to our Domaining for Beginners series. Learn about the best practices for your :
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dot50 domains May 25
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Oooh la la, lots of .CA gems πŸ’Žexpiring tomorrow including the amazing 😎, plus a bunch of 3-letter domains too! Pre-book before tomorrow 2pm ET: πŸ’¨πŸ’¨πŸ’¨
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Domain Names May 22
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WTF Domains May 21
Nothing better than someone saying to not waste their time on a domains wanted thread on their budget is less than the cost to register a domain in the extension they are looking for.
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dot50 domains May 21
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Media Branding LLC May 19
Perfect example of your Company with a great . Name your physical location after your actual . Brilliant Dont lose your online traffic if people cant make it into your physical store
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