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🐋鯨は哺乳類!🐬イルカは哺乳類!人間は哺乳類!それらは全て魚ではない! 🌏🌱Ⓥ Oct 19
is the of the abhorrent and slaughter. If you want to help stop the and of , please and and inform other to do the same.
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🐋鯨は哺乳類!🐬イルカは哺乳類!人間は哺乳類!それらは全て魚ではない! 🌏🌱Ⓥ Oct 17
Dolphin show is dolphin murder. When you stop going to a dolphin show, you stop killing dolphins. Do not go to a dolphin show.
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🐬🐋イルカ猟は残酷。水族館に行かないで。Ⓥ🌱 Oct 21
People pay money to see → buy more from Japan→TAIJI capture and kill more dolphins. Going to aquariums is the same as killing dolphins. ! !
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🐋鯨は哺乳類!🐬イルカは哺乳類!人間は哺乳類!それらは全て魚ではない! 🌏🌱Ⓥ Oct 15
[4/4] 26Nov2018 The of the vast majority of the 50 in today is the result of people going to aquariums to watch .
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#イルカショーを絶対見ない! #イルカ殺戮を絶対許さない! Ⓥ🌱 Oct 18
After watching , many people say they love dolphins. People get confused between love of the entertainment & love 4 dolphins. A real love 4 dolphins is 2 ask how these dolphins came & how their life is in the pool compared 2 life in the ocean.
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Deb James Oct 18
Replying to @theprojecttv
People have their heads in the sand. What did they think happened to them? Whenever animals and money are linked- animals lose. etc
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Helga M Oct 16
Replying to @Dolphin_Project
Such cruelty in this day and age is really unacceptable!
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