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John Aquino Jul 15
Wow...the Epstein stuff must be REALLY bad
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Chellz Jul 15
Am I the only that thinks these ICE raids are timed well during this Epstein arrest?
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Alison Greene Jul 15
I can’t Trumps latest racist tweet from Kids in Cages? A from the ? Or did he identify an Achilles Heel in the Dems - Nancy vs & is trying to create division in our ranks? Oh wait I can decide... ALL OF THE ABOVE
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Deb Mayer 4h
We should elect a president that intuitively seeks to unite Americans instead of confusing them with disruptive power plays and pointless mocking ...
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Cat Barone Jul 15
Robert Mueller is still testifying this week, right?
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Kelvin Heng 5h
There's so many distractions in life that pulls you in all direction
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Bam@1944sure Jul 13
This phone matter na REAL . why ??
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Nir Eyal 9h
The opposite of distraction is traction. Both words end in "action" and that is no coincidence. These are driven by what we do on a daily basis. Cut out the to get more and become Indistractable today!
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Victoria C. Jul 18
Replying to @axios
Just wait for the next piece to start shortly.....
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Jzikah Jul 18
Replying to @marcorubio
P.S. "Keep everybody talking about race all the time! That's how we win!" - Steve Bannon
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4q2 Jul 14
Replying to @AOC
trump does this not only because he's racist but because he would rather talk about this then his corruption & failures!
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Alison Greene Jul 14
Trump knew his tweet about the Congresswomen going back to their countries was race baiting and went too far. Did he do it for his base or is he distracting from something else?🤔
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Bella Soul #WhereAretheChildren 🌎 Save #Democracy Jul 14
Replying to @MaryJaneKnows @ACLU
That's what I think also.
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LannsMind Jul 17
When have you seen a tweet stream from it that didn't have every other word misspelled and written above a 3rd grade level? It's kind of like someone else wrote them as some sort of from, maybe, a friend that just got arrested? 🤔 Send her back, right after you go.
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🌹Deborah, Squadarella from the 60s 15h
I don't think Trump is playing 3-D racism chess. I do think that his impulsive racist lashing-out is connected directly to other pressures going on, and right now that's the Epstein scandal. .
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Dani DiGiacomo 22h
“Spendin' all your weekends flyin' up the east coast wanderin' 'round the city.” @ Ocean City, Maryland
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Jim Edwards Jul 19
A WONDERFUL attempt at
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Karol Cummins Jul 18
Replying to @karolcummins
🔥Doozy13🔥 Republicans press Pence for answers on 'send her back' chant Trump has ramped up his incendiary attacks against Rep. Ilhan Omar and her progressive allies. Trump Adm Turns To South America For Help With Anti-Iran Coalition
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eternal life 🤴🏿 the Word of life 👑 Jul 18
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emma ❄️ Jul 18
Replying to @emmagbeauchamp
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