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leejwesty 1h
Just come back from the shop.... Me - "I'm back, we now have toilet roll!" Ashton - "I had a wee whilst you where out" Me - "cool did you have to wiggle it instead of wiping it with toilet roll?" Ashton - "No...... I wiped it on the hand towel" Me - Errrr 🤢
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Sərxan 29m
Replying to @mjs_DC @Slate
Like the end We should all be
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michael ash 7m
Replying to @realDonaldTrump
you're such a wonderful role model for america's children
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@techgenious 9m
keep posting his
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Jason Helsdon 25m
I am now more stupid and can’t get those minutes back of my life. Please get them off of my screen. Jim Jordan has a shit eating grin that his mother I bet slapped off his face many times as a child.
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Adrenalin Addict 27m
Replying to @lottyburns
Not normal. Planes make you sick. BA know that. They squirt disinfectant in the air (not effective) in the idea that they prevent cross infection between passengers. HEPA filters are supposed to be changed every month. Airlines don’t. Because profits are so small.
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Krys 33m
I think that's their biggest gripe. they had their💩 "know your place articles' ready to go and once again they've been thwarted🤣. Do THESE a*holes realize how entitled and racist they sound...then again maybe that's their intent.
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Nick “Pickle Puffer” Snider 14h
Probably going to record a sit down & go off about this
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ChocolateBeauty 8m
Liar,Liar Dress On Fire.!! and Btw, Look at those Terrible Eyebrows 🤢
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Emma Apr 11
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Dean Yalland 7h
Try red top a few weeks ago. Like drinking white water.
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MagiLoves 22h
who makes the decisions?! Hang your heads in shame! No concern for any poor animals anymore 7ou just want money! Not one member of the public agree with you! There's plenty more!
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George E J Cutler 6h
Replying to @GMB @realjoeswash
I think it was patronising that Adil Ray first of all asked if Olivier Richters was going to 'Break the chair' because of how big he is and then in the same breath asked him if when he was younger he was classed as a freak...
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Satish 2h
Where is the Oreo update? I have been contacting for the Moto G4 Plus oreo update but nobody responds. What the heck is wrong with your promises? It is already 19th April and still there is no update for my cellphone.
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mrunal gulhane 9h
Replying to @dippy_05 @VodafoneIN
Same for nagpur area suffering from last 1st of april
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Simon Fisher FSLL 3h
Triple booking seats on the train is behaviour 🤬🤬🤬. It’s carnage in here on the hottest day of the year 🤬🤬🤬
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Daryls left buttock 👋👍🤩💋💋🏹🏹 12h
Replying to @JeffreyRohan
What an evil troll
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Erwin Schrodinger 2h
I had to leave Austria due to the persecution of Jews.
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Suka v Gurp🖤 1h
Replying to @ThaIslandBoy14
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Ujan Thakur 5h
What type of service you guys are providing Its been 10 days i haven't rcvd my NOC
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