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Sri Event 16m
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Screen Fan (Leslie) Nov 10
** (Out of 4) This movie felt very forced to me. Feels like the plot wants to be an erotic thriller but it turns out to be basically just a setup for cheesy sec scenes.…
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Gigi Young 3h
The consciousness of all planets and stars exists here on this planet in simpler forms. Once we begin to understand this, we can begin to make larger cosmic connections. All is interconnected, it is our mind that limits us.
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Luke C Bowden Nov 16
Facebook failed to closely monitor device makers after granting them access to the personal data of hundreds of millions of people, according to a previously to Congress last month. ’s loose oversight of the partnerships
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Pinky🦄Janika Banks☕ Nov 17
If you need to catch up on either one, I suggest (focus on legalese) and (focus on plan integrations) as great inventories of info collections.
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The Extraterrestrial Hypothesis - Richard Dolan speaks with Gordon White. by Gordon White, Richard Dolan, Rune Soup
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James Rossiter Nov 14
“there needed to be a lasting change in culture when it came to and cites DPP first public speech to but Times leader points out the “Up Hill Task” to restore confidence in
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;Gwen McCrae - Funky Sensation
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Think Smarter World Nov 11
Join one or all of 3 different mass meditations happening across the world today - For Peace, Truth, Full Disclosure and Liberation of Planet Earth
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LaeTitia PariZette Nov 15
Replying to @Souriswingette
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What do you think about this? “Experts Dismiss Irish UFO Event as Merely a Meteorite” By Tim Binnall, COAST TO COAST AM with George Noory
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Linda #innovatingjustice Nov 15
“Prosecutions must not be brought based on insufficient evidence, and both the accused and accuser must not be caused unnecessary suspense and uncertainty”. ⁦ report 15/11/2018
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Mikael Stamfält 3h
FUTURE SHOCK: The question is not whether UFOs are real - it’s why the US military have only now admitted their existence
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Mikael Stamfält Nov 13
has already begun. And can't be stopped. Enjoy the ride!
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Jase Nov 12
I'm tired of hearing the word
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sohio Nov 17
Replying to @ddale8
Someone in Toronto who has the receipts, investigative reporter - we need full and transparency.
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Stillness in the Storm 3h
Earth Is Moving Through a “Hurricane” of Dark Matter Right Now
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6 Sense Media Nov 16
Pick up your copy of Anunnaki Awakening: Revelation by Ray Davis. This is the first in a trilogy of books dealing with human origins, breaking free from our paradigms and taking our place among the conscious spacefaring species of our galaxy.
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Ajaz Ahmed Nov 12
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MoonFest Party Nov 17
There is no stopping , only delaying, and every effort made to stop or slow it down equates to it speeding up exponentially. To the moon we go!
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