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Elle Mcgill 17h
You basically picked as countries you fav? Now do you see why people despise you? The only way I’d take you off the fecal roster is when you look into the vet who is being persecuted by the US. Oh, and I’m pretty sure the word is sitting. Not seating. Now You.
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John (very BIG and FAST) Girdwood 1h
Replying to @smotus
Tocqueville was right: people sway towards biblical thought (my mom, RIP), liberalism (bush conservatives), republicanism (me), authoritarianism (trumpkins), or a mix. Most a mix. Not me.
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Dr. Sherifa Zuhur 10h
do not shift-shape into reformed despots. Mr. Jeffrey can announce that the wants to change, but do you think has any capacity or will to change, other than to maintain power and avoid punishment for his war crimes?
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ThinkWhatYouSay Dec 15
African was also distorted by Two former ministers, Mr. Kibedi and Mr. Rugumayo, agree that the death total in the first two years of President Amin’s regime was at least 80,000 to 90,000
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Jaime Purvis 9h
Replying to @talkRADIO
I fully respect their view but who the hell do they think they are? Don’t eat meat? That’s fine for you, however I eat meat. Do not presume to tell me what I can and cannot do.
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randomkoganinja Dec 16
Why ? This a corrupt shithole !
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karthik purohit Dec 10
A new way to rob the people's money . Did you guys sold my ticket to your kith and kin coz I don't find any reason for restricting my entry to the show
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Consultants UnLimitd Dec 17
be VERY wary of ANYTHING that comes from ! Their 'consulting' for around the world on how to repress their populations should give you pause. If you think these might be separate you'd be wrong
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Robin Dec 17
Replying to @realDonaldTrump
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Adang Hope Dec 15
when you enter a house and want to close the door, your legs cannot be left outside. all arrested, free our president sisiku ayuk tabe and co #289 was not the number and will never be. stop supporting
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OdilieBZelaya_intl Dec 15
Power Abuses fm r reaching superlative levels! Please 2 recover Democracy & Justice! SANCTIONS to , & their thugs!
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Whatever happened to the Skripals? #kidnapped ? Dec 11
Replying to @andrealeadsom
really, you are cheering?? stagnated wages. Fake employment figures? Tell us how many: people working more than 20hours p/w. < 18 forced to stay in FTE Inflation over the same period Your party are a joke and are destroying the country.
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Ann Majkrzak Dec 15
I didn’t & the all that work for & listen to & & lost their ! I would before I would listen to a man that acts like & other ! is ruining future cuz NO ONE FORGETS
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Serge N.Ngouambe Dec 16
the lost of life recorded so far in this conflict is far more than what it would have been if the NOSO have just continued with mass non-violent protests would have been ousted by now It’s urgent to rethink fears non-violent protesters than armed groups
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Aung Aung Dec 16
Is it main policy of used notorious to destroy Ummah on Earth?
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tweettweetboom Dec 10
Replying to @charliekirk11
“Gun control” we have. 100%. Gun FREE aka Gun Grabbers, Disarming all Venezuela, —>except for criminals<— has made it a war zone. HYPER INFLATION = Must have PILES of cash in a bag to eat dinner. HAD THIS TO DO FIRST THING. . NOW DO YOU SEE LIBERALS
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Scratch Comics Dec 13
Replying to @Independent @admirer
I'm not an of or it's stance trying to overturn choice made by in the but I am supportive of it's language of comparison with I have a view that if had said that he'd be branded
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মেজর ডালিম Dec 11
গত ১০০ বছরের হিসেবে শেখ হাসিনা বিশ্বের এক নম্বর স্বৈরাচার New York USA based Human & Civil Right Organization WRTP (We are the people) named 5 Worst in the world in the past 100 years, Prime Minister of Bangladesh tops the list.
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Hans-Cees🐰 Dec 15
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Njeanous Dec 13
Since The Has Sold its Soul to the Devil🥵 Says is doing a Great Job: Conspiring with the to Defeat Double the Divide the Dote on Devalue the & Democrats Paid by☭ via
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