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Veronica Monet 1h
When you see your president acting like a dictator, remember what is at stake.The power hungry will starve their people and deny them humanitarian aid in order to keep power. closes border with Brazil
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Sajan Khan 3h
of who from their parties but didn't resign from their seats, this proves their The so called group is nothing but is to keep in forever They all are working for the EU & behaving like
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آصف - بازمانده 18h
Replying to @NikkiHaley
The are ally is the ally of the of Iran Both Maduro and should be placed on the list and surrounded by their property.
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Peter Kaimenyi Feb 17
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Arabiatube 23m
Supporting & s in the middle east just so that they would not unleash the army of blind sheep which they control with is the sign of weak leadership & lack of self respect. The grandchildren of inventor of should no longer be in power
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Lord Farquaad Feb 16
...all types of witches,goblins,unicorn gangs! It’s an ! I’ve talked to other who don’t have a problem. Know why? . By signing this National Emergency I’m bringing us a step closer 2a perfect kingdom where freaks are banned or executed.
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Edwige Feb 21
Shameful! Too many are using as a tool with great support from
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Soaring n Climbing Feb 19
Most people minus his definitely believe aka is a in policy & heart. His with is well documented. His love for & companionship is X-Rated. Who's next, Oh yeah, Kim! No cameras, & interpreters
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amir.h.jahanbakhshi Feb 19
such as or do not end up with money, so will not get anywhere with oil dollars, will be good.
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Frederic Jacquemin Feb 21
That is NOT my claim (yet, but historians will tell you precisely what say about , , , and being a victim of those all together). Again - you compare apples & pears Germany - democracy Russia - oligarchy China - single party is Great!
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STAR Feb 14
Replying to @PwrChip
Doesn't anyone see Trump is trying to imitate other around the , all his demeanor & speeches have been toward that end. are his ONLY motivators or am I the lone wolf in the wilderness? BTW, anyone that opposes him will B arrested just like
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Ken Taub Feb 21
Replying to @BullBearing @espn
ALL of us care about , competence, , a good sport, and a good man. I mean, except the people who think the awful behavior, bad judgment, and fondness for by DJT is an improvement. In that case, ain't your guy.
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LastSavior Feb 20
Replying to @AmbJohnBolton
USA's claim of human rights in countries is really a joke, 40 years of USA puppet dictator "Somoza García" in Nicaraguan And execution 50000 person and Terrible torture opponents, is the largest and supporter of in the world From Middle East to America
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Enchantment Sports / RedmenaceTV Feb 19
So the is going to force their will on . Nobody wants soccer! Or they would have went to watch it. But will now shove it down throats.
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Walter Medlin MD - OACAction Feb 15
Replying to @AOC
usually fall poorly, and often quickly in democracies ( yet?)
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Thirumal Feb 15
To all the and ...All people around us are thinking about how to make money by any means this process they are not aware of what they are doing to the nature a change and start protecting the .
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Tracy Ferguson Feb 20
Replying to @realDonaldTrump
This is exactly what say to gain more and more power! Your are putting people in serious danger! If anything happens to those who are reporting truths about you daily- you should be arrested for inciting violence with your lies! Stop it!
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ankit tiwari Feb 14
All the 🐕 dogs who are barking for the in , they swing their tails when it comes to , and other & . Like... etc.
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VisionOrg Feb 21
The Age of the and their systems may be over, but totalitarianism remains a slumbering threat. Will protect us from future dictators?
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Ali Feb 21
The Merry-Go-Round of freedom-loving !
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