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Collins 14h
I'm glad they are back on track,,, she's happy again but ladies Haaaaa!!! .. "it's not all about giving birth that will make u a happy home that u so dreamt off" First thing first.. "Home management"
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Steven Galarce 1h
"Mea navis aëricumbens anguillis abundant." So, I simply wait for you to quiet, that I might speak words of wisdom.
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Brian F. Bridgeforth 2h
On the surface, the Apple Card algorithm does look biased, but is it truly? It may be detecting risk factors that a normal credit rating systems miss. Despite some missteps, they could be on to something.
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Kevin 6h
Replying to @AlwayzInTrouble
No, definitely not. I don't understand the comment either, just offering up a possibility. 😂
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Izzy Grinch Nov 9
Replying to @Mekishimo
everyone: jeez, just let this clown die and rot already!!11 Bats: .\/. Bats: not gonna happen
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CP Ronnie Nov 13
He is truly the 🤣 when it comes to
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Tatuu imgs Nov 10
You can never see them when they come
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Kat Malfoy Nov 12
let them brag, then be envious. time will come, it will be your turn to brag, and kill them a little on the inside while you do so.
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Dan Owen 14h
Replying to @james_blue_cat
Well, no other country has ever started from a position of being fully compliant with the EU’s standards and regulations already. So it’s only negotiating the divergences.
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Tony Jinx Nov 12
Replying to @bulbasaurss
You said male friend. Lol your friends via proxy of the wife.... 😂😂😂😂 Maybe their into that kind of thing. Swingers are EVERYWHERE. They’re just ashemed if their Behavor. You may never truly know your friend?
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Vedran Lerga 🇭🇷 Nov 6
Replying to @LergaVedr
God's creature, right? God's creature ? (Interesting. They wanna impeach him.)
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🍻 Owen Russell 🍻 Nov 11
Nice stretch John.
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Maharshi Shukla Nov 11
Luster in Sky ✨ Harmony in Eyes 😇 Shimmer in Smile 🔥 Surprise in Heart 💜
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Akintunde Akinola Nov 12
Don’t ooo wat if.....
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Roberto Gosim Nov 8
These finally in the open. That's what they preached. They're
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🍻 Owen Russell 🍻 Nov 12
Replying to @CBCNL
And racism should be called out but one has to wonder if the real reason Gerry Byrne is releasing the audio is to use it as a political wedge to win his war of words. If he didn't have anything to gain would he be defending indigenous rights so robustly?
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SpokTok Nov 6
Replying to @AndrewSonnheim
Nationalistic-toned article that generalizes an entire population, as if one single monolith. There are good decent people in every nation. This was perpetrated by individuals, not “SA”. For all the atrocities, there are educated philanthropists in the family
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Rebecca K Weingarten Nov 7
Replying to @mostrolenk
Noted. What if the time was full of activities that've been cut like gym, art, dance, theatre, library, sports, extra help? All cut for 'test prep' + standardized learning. Also - some children could get a hot meal they might not get at home...
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HotCocoaW/KittySprinklz Nov 13
...if you subscribe to the sandy hook conspiracy theories, the SCOTUS decision makes perfect sense for the dismantling of the 2nd amendment...
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Mark Kappel Nov 5
Talk about adding more to the NFL schedule makers plate! Finding suitable stadiums, on dates that don't interfere with other events in the city that weekend with that arena. A trial period to say the least also, to see the #'s that show up for these games too.
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