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J. Alex 11m
Replying to @CBSEveningNews @FLOTUS
I believe all the horcruxes are located around #45 and need to be destroyed. I think one is located in stomach, one on jacket, another on Ronald McDonald, a harder one to find within his daily lies, and perhaps a or two. Not sure but confident.
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Global Guy 15m
Hey bigoted manager: Freedom of Speech means everyone can speak in their own language. Denying that right is
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(((Daniel Schwartz))) 2h
Supporting violence against amendment? That’s not it’s
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HowBoutDemBoyz💙 17m
45 is an unapologetic, bully without a heart or soul, if anyone else does what he does it tends to backfire. Recall tried 2 go LOW or comment. what would you do different?
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StellaBlueWave🌊 2h
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DrPhyllis 3h
Mika is a moron who couldn’t get a job @ Starbucks without her daddy’s help. Her attacks on Hillary & Democrats are despicable. She clearly does NOT value or promote other women. ONLY herself
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AZDem 3h
Replying to @realDonaldTrump
Whoa, and this one. She’s a doozy of a mob rep.
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Totem.Soul 5h
Replying to @Totem_Soul
Imagine her going home and telling her children to be good. Do you think she does that? Do you think she goes to a church and says she is a Christian? What about her job? Do you think she treats people with respect? Is she a nurse, a teacher, a social worker? She is a
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LE Jay 3h
What would YOUR wife say if she was questioned on about YOUR sex life? Real journalism would have delved into 's policies on healthcare, Palestinian state. & belong in same basket of bullies, misogynists. Trumpimps.
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Bill 12m
Replying to @ewccareerservi1
is a Wretched deplorable company which engages In Nefarious acts mortgage holders. WARNING!!! VA LOANS WILL BE SOLD TO Veterans and others don’t have a voice when our mortgages to deplorable companies like Selene Finance
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AZDem 4h
“McSally just wants to change the subject.” sycophant and enabler.
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kEvolution 39m
Replying to @GregForMontana
You should be in jail for assault.
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Sacre Blue! 14h
Which side is a violent mob, ? 🤔
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Randy K. Ventresca Oct 18
and yet here you are 👍
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Emma Eva Garcia 4h
Trump isn't content with just getting his way, he has to rub it in the faces of those he disrespected to get his way.
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TheDoktur 32m
! thinks it's funny that congressman assaults a reporter. ! If you thinks like then you ARE .
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LMRC 17h
, do you have permission to use an image for your misleading political propaganda? You certainly didn’t have LMRC’s when you used it.
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Ms. Yasmin 17h
Hater of what? Rapists and destroyers of native people and their land? Yes I hate when people do that.
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Diane Vellandurai Oct 18
The President of the United States has no time to visit the troops. I call that dereliction of duty.
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Jack 13h pronouncements...... way of thinking is only for their FEW.....not for all. BAD
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