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... Jun 14
Replying to @EricHolder
It’s not the Jesus Christians that are separating children from their parents, it’s the Trump Christians. Trump Christians are using religion to mask their bigotry, greed, and hatred for anyone that’s not like them. It’s deplorable.
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Ron Asher 12h
Please stop asking for Republican 'leadership' to step up & speak out. There are no Republican leaders. They're followers. Every. Single. One. And they're marching in lock-step behind their leader. Donald fucking Trump.
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Nancy B ☘ Jun 15
As always, I blame from the first day he tried to sabotage everything Obama did to the stolen scotus seat to the election of trump knowing about the Russian interference. is too good a word for this vile man who has allowed our country to be attacked. 💩
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Kimberly Jun 15
⁩ Finally found a MAGA hat. Wearing it proudly 😂❤️
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Bertie Dunmore 9h
Replying to @HillaryClinton
Ya know what we’re MORE outraged by? How you left four Americans to die in Benghazi. But hey “what does it matter”, huh?
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Donna Houston Jun 13
Replying to @nytimes
That "basket" is getting really crowded... What a sad state of affairs to know that so-called "Americans" would be so okay with tearing apart families whose only crime is wanting a better life.
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Every American citizen should be outraged by these deplorable acts! No child should ever be separated from their parent!
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Relevant Thinker 23h
Holding children HOSTAGE for a f*cking wall!! Disgusting and
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Hala Barg 12h
I can’t decide who’s more despicable, Ann Coulter or Jeanine Pirro.
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M A Gaylor 10h
Yo Did you just compare ripping parents from their children & caging them to you voluntarily leaving your dog while you go to work? You are the poster child for all that is wrong with . You truly are
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🦅That Philly Special Jawn 16-3 9h
Replying to @bad_takes @LouDobbs
Dear god what happened to you?!
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lo sivad Jun 13
From today's email from The Border Patrol agent said: ‘You will never see your children again. Families don’t exist here. You won’t have a family anymore.’”
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Hi-hat Rhythm 11h
Ana, is their no bottom to your loyalty to the GOP? what will it finally take for you to leave them? will they need to maybe kill a few kids? something tells me you would remain loyal even then.
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MF Luder Jun 17
I would like to take this moment to invite anyone who was wringing their hands over Hillary's e-mails, the Clinton Foundation or calling Trump's voters in 2016 to quietly FUCK OFF! Thank you.
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Trump is Cra Cra 17h
refusing to provide Mueller with interview transcripts!!! Not a Law and Order guy - just a !! needs to subpoena those records!
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John P. Tucker Jun 17
Surprised a militia hasn't stormed the holding facility to liberate the children & get them into emergency foster care. Yet.
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Shahbaz Sikander Mir Jun 12
How could one justify killing of someone without any remorse in the name of Religion. Don’t they know That Quran says “killing of an innocent soul means killing the whole humanity”.
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Christine Miller Jun 14
Replying to @ALT_uscis @PressSec
The FACT that she accused him of 'wanting more TV time' is despicable!! This journalist should be the standard all these WH journalists should live up to. The compassion in his voice is heartbreaking and she just ignores
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William F Tulloch 22h
Replying to @SecNielsen
No, you have a policy of treating asylum seekers as criminals & then using that to take their kids. But thanks for the tweet - it will be good evidence at your trial for human rights abuses that you knew EXACTLY what you were doing.
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Betty Barker 6h
was right. They are indeed, ....deplorable as hell. , my Frenchton ass!
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