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Make America Great Again 🇺🇸 Nov 25
I know math is hard for but... THERE WERE MORE BALLOTS THAN VOTERS!!! Why is this so F'n difficult to figure out??
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Larry Elder Nov 27
The New Republic: "The Biden Popular Front Is Doomed to Unravel--It May Turn Out That Donald Trump Was The Force Keeping The Democratic Party Together"
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AmericanLatinLady DW Nov 27
1. AGAIN THIS IS THE WAY CORRUPT 🐀 with their fraudulent Biden behave they ARE threatening and bullying the LAWYER OF THE PRESIDENT JENNA ELLIS . Because she is exposing THEIR worst electoral and voter fraud in the history of our country. With that being said....
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Paul Bastkowski 1h
Replying to @catturd2
Show us the evidence. Shown. Show us the evidence. Shown. Prob is, have NEVER faced JUSTICE or CONSEQUENCE. Have ALWAYS BEEN ALLOWED TO SKATE.
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M.M.C. Nov 24
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Caravaggio Fibonacci Nov 23
are super spreaders of BULLSHIT
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Patrick Voss Nov 26
Thank you to reps and for constantly pushing for a better USA.
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Jen Perelman Nov 23
The fact that Wasserman Schultz could be Appropriations Chair after bankrupting the DNC as its chair shows how far the party has fallen.
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Pat Condell Nov 28
Everyone knows won the election. He is the rightful president. cheated, the cheated, and engaged in electoral interference. If democracy is to survive in America, we need to see all of this proven in court and people going to jail.
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Paul Bastkowski Nov 29
Replying to @KamVTV
Yeah, 'overplayed.' thought they had the, 'right mix, to fix,' in 2016. Blew the lid off it in 2020 as to not allow it to happen, fall a lillllll short again. Ohhh, you thought this was only, the first time❓
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All on one Accord 15h
Eventually we’re gonna have to accept the fact that most Black Celebrities... even a lot of the ones we grew up on & love... are SELLOUTS, who are controlled by RACIST Hollywood Liberals/Racist . That’s why almost ALL of them IGNORE .
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Dan Pereira Nov 27
Forget !! won in a despite the fact that !! Biden & had to overcome & planned Post Office delays, fewer polling locations & long lines, lack of Drop Off Boxes, Disinformation, etc...Congress MUST !!
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Fady Ahmed Nov 29
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CA Term Limits 16h
We passed all 19 ballot initiatives in California! Now, we move on to passing an Article V resolution...then the Convention of States to pass for Congress!! Join the cause and sign our petition (link in profile).
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diane #ForAll straub Nov 24
Replying to @didikins4life
believe in providing equal educational opportunities for students with disabilities. We will fully fund the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act and fully implement its requirements for a free appropriate public education and least restrictive environment. 2/16
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Washington Update Nov 23
UPDATE: Sen. Diane Feinstein announces she will step down as top Democrat on Senate Judiciary Committee.
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VikiP Nov 28
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judy morris Nov 25
Under the and , it will be a policy.
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Ayn Rand Fan Tweets Nov 28
Replying to @SaltyPatriotFL
All the have left is . And, of course, the .
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JB Nov 23
Replying to @davidharsanyi
Sure hope the Reps win those GA Senate races, and a Rep Senate has the spine to not approve these recycled selections. If so, they may save Biden from himself. It's people like Blinken who will would squander more of our blood & treasure ....
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