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bb 18m
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Phil 6h
Remember, is a shift back to normal. He's a veteran and while his name may resonate loudly because of , we've walked this path before. He may appear the sane choice, but does he bring anything new to the table?
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Liz Peek 7h
Well said ! has been lifted as the only that can beat - his talents are way overestimated
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Howard Fineman Apr 24
.⁦⁩’s regime will be remembered in history for having weakened — not strengthened — our national security. Is there a candidate who can explain and exploit that? I don’t really see one, and that is a huge problem for the U.S.
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Real Food World 2h
Say no to . Still out of touch. If we have to hold our nose again and vote for a like who has cost us, allowing to move right for decades, not being bold enough, too polite, to help the people.
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Daniel 3h
Replying to @MannyRAndrade
I agree 100000%! They supposedly pushed super delegates out to a “potential” second ballot! How do you get a second ballot??? Fill the field with losers who won’t drop out until after the convention. Smart on their part. Corrupt Assholes! corrupt party!
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Raxaqziizu 1h
Replying to @stonebwoyb
We 'll b there for sure....we jx need a bottle of n an olonka of ..... dead.....talent over hype...💣💣💣
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Bryan Stone 1h
I think it's too little too late for but he's the only who has any chance to defeat the maniacal demagogue . Had he done this in '16 he'd already be . Nice work - fucking assholes!
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joseph winters Apr 23
If you are gay in most Muslim countries you are put to death; the general way is to be thrown off a tall building. Try getting a or any liberal to admit this as grotesquely wrong is almost impossible.
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Agwaye Enaigho 4h
Some of them go dey pretend las las I know
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SFC Deplorable Apr 23
First, I would educate myself with 'FACTS' about gun violence. Next, be truthful about who removed NICS checks for fugitives. This is a conversation you will get torn up on. You are armed with talking points and not one ounce of Fact. 2nd
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D. Friedman 2h
Replying to @bern_identity
Bernie is not my candidate. But, if he is the nominee I hope the WOC strongly support him. As bad as he is, he's infinitely better than Trump.
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Fannie Shirley Girl 2h
If a white man ends up being the 2020 candidate, I'm gonna be like white folks in 2016. I shall not vote.
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Kate Apr 24
Replying to @realDonaldTrump
What about Paul Manafort? He’s not a Dem.
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Liz Peek 6h
I love the field: actually never heard of . This is going to be a fun year!
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Maeve Quinlan Apr 24
So let me get this straight🤔: want convicted the right 2 vote while incarcerated & the right 2 vote when they are NOT citizens?Next they’re gonna lower their “target voting age of 16” to BIRTH & magically become 🤣
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Currer Bell Apr 22
Replying to @ewarren
Dear Senator, As a former refugee from Nicaragua I too thought that Republicans were the party for ALL. It took my aunt to set me straight. She was working for HRS when a memo from the federal level wanted for the social workers to identify illegals and denied them help- WIC
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Aldybhay Apr 21
So...worry with Indonesia democracy
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Peter Savas 🏳️‍🌈 Apr 23
Replying to @JayEllGii @ezraklein
Actually, it IS a valid argument. If is so serious about getting the nomination, then he needs to JOIN THE PARTY. Period. Otherwise, he's just full of it and is too chickenshit to run as an independent. As the saying goes: "Either shit or get off the pot."
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L G J 3h
pollster: Young voters are able to relate more to than baby boomer politicians
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