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SINoALICE Global Nov 23
New Class Available! Starting 11/24 at 07:00 (UTC+0), you can summon the STEP grimoire Purple Smoke Jester! Summon the new class Gretel/Alternative! 1 featured SR summon guaranteed on STEP 5!
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Prof Lisa Bortolotti 🇪🇺 9h
Our has a brand new website: check it out for philosophical research on formation and more
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Old Fashioned Hoya Nov 16
A small part of me wonders if the late start to the semester is designed to give Aminu Mohammed more time to decide if he wants to enroll on the Hilltop this spring.
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☬ Nov 21
People do realise this is the end product of a Spurs project that started in 2014 under Pochettino. 6 years it’s taken them to get to this level and people think Jose done it overnight 😭 even still they’ve won nothing ...
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WhyAmIHere Nov 21
He said 😂😂😂 bahahaha alt season is the best.
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💧💦Tara Venn Nov 21
Replying to @VicGovDHHS
So glad didn't bow down to the who followed a path of & - much of it emanating from in the & 🙄. Now we may be able to be with our beloved & in at Christmas!🎄
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The All knowing Cock™ (know ur definitions) Nov 19
Replying to @bigbencompany
My hopefully doesn't lead me to temptation & to . Cause I into . At times, a wretched Soul breeds . In a state of Awaken , trying to turn my into . ©® 2020 B.B.Welderufael
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Rabbi Sari Laufer Nov 18
Current status is once again obsessively researching planners, convinced that finding the perfect paper planner will make everything fall into place. Here's looking at you, 2021?
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Life By Soul™ Nov 23
trine exact @ 8:40p PST (18.17) - ring & now, resulting in an of & the of revealing what we've been to & .
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Ajo Joseph Nov 23
incongruous with reality is .
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Hermann Observer Nov 19
Dr. Sigmund says: If we don't remain alert and look for repeated of the things presented to us in this world (an victory that is actually a defeat, for example), we may fall victim to an institutionalized mass irreconcilable with .
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Dee EL Smitty 11/14 Nov 23
🤔Get 🔙 to ? There is NO such thing as . Which is why we are in this present state of 🤦🏾‍♂️
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The Godfather Nov 23
Thnx a lot dat at last u got it. But can't able 2 imagine dat a young man like in a state of mind of being getting old !!! & above all it's called as "tale tell sign" just needed attention. Besides dat Can also give more tip about 2 understand a person.
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Mr. Crooked Letter Nov 18
Replying to @CashChaser_JB
You had 😂😂😂 but let’s call it hope for your sake
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Hermann Observer Nov 23
has a component to it. If is the loss of an independent, verifiable , than the lack of free speech must eventually lead to institutionalized mass delusion. Have we reached that point yet?
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Ehsanur Rahman Nov 18
Here lies this ; no elegance no no is felt. I wish to escape to bid farewell but can’t. Wherever I go those illusion & artificiality follow. Thus try to be active in your own works to live safely from .
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Peter Stannack Nov 23
Last week someone referenced Jerry here on LI. And that caused me to think- I think- about the difference between a and a . Because from founders to , to policemen, seems to be haunted by delusi…
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Pat Brown Nov 18
Couldn’t sleep. Tuned in to NewsMax to see what it is. I’ll never sleep sound again.
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Cindy Griffith Nov 18
11+18+2020 = 15 Devil: tarot doesn't mean "going 2 hell". When we only see the material world, we are limited & trapped. Freedom is in seeing the infinite.
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Tracey Nov 22
Replying to @ThePubliusUSA
We must fight the that feeds their .
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