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Cryptoster 🇱🇺 ฿ ⬡ Sep 18
Replying to @EngGliantonelli
Please look back Juventus - Ajax last season CL. Thank you. Give him trust. DeLigt funtions better in a team that plays offensive football. Like Ajax. Matthijs come home! We miss you!
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michel☘️ Sep 18
Could dutch people please take that abhorrent trashcan named back? please.
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Bianconeri Zone Sep 13
Replying to @BianconeriZone
? I am convinced that in a few months he will be able to express important things. He is a future top player. [Sarri]
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Red White Army12 Sep 18
Again a fauld of !!!!!!!!! Sell him!!!!! 😠😡
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Mehdi_Z Sep 18
What The hell Is Happening to This Guy? If De ligt Continues Like This He's going to be a Massive Flop. He was Amazing In Ajax, but now? He needs To Prove Himself after Disappointing Games with Juve .
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Siempre FCBarcelona Sep 18
Ridiculous ! That was a clear hand ball /
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Juventus News Canada Sep 14
Hoping has a breakout match!
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Arya Stark Sep 18
is finally back
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DeLigtRoadTo1000 Sep 14
Today De Ligt played his 138th official match and his 2nd game for !
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Aiman Shafiq Sep 17
Replying to @M_Deligt4
Goodluck tonight my idol🙌🏼🔥⚽
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FootyNewsWeb Sep 18
The making of Matthijs in .
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kevin o shea 9h
He's still an outstanding prospect but he made a big mistake joining Raiola! No sympathy for the stupid fucker should have known better especially coming from Ajax of all clubs then to become a cash cow for his notorious agent
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DeLigtRoadTo1000 17h
De Ligt made his Champions League debut for yesterday. It was his 12th CL game in his career.
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Damiano Sep 14
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Juventus News Canada Sep 17
I hate how people give and so much stink for not starting the new players in the midfield.Remember how much stink he got for not starting in the first game.Then he quickly gets thrown in the second game and does terrible.Not his fault he just needed time.
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FootyNewsWeb 12h
CEO Oscar Grau on Matthijs : “We made him an offer, but he preferred to go to Juve, where Italian taxation allows him to earn a higher net salary." Also read:
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Momblano Official Sep 18
sv: andrà misurato su campi più caldi, contro attaccanti più importanti e squadre che giochino palla a terra. A 40 metri dalla porta c’è gia, in area inizia a esserci, gli scout di tutta Europa iniziano a prendere in considerazione questo classe ‘99.
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AnaCaffeina Sep 18
Replying to @Lamiabrunetta
HH 👏🏼🇲🇽, but that was awwwful !
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Tonneke Sep 13
Juve-coach Sarri is destroying ptalent . Please stop !!!
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Sarri Maurizio 🚬 ◻◼ 14h
Replying to @Gareth_OKane
C'mon, is Champions League. You have the opportunity to see , etc etc... These are normal prices for a top club like Juve.
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