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Dr. Patricia Tice 53m
Replying to @Highlights
Shoot. I’m a full blown grownup. I love this statement so much, I might subscribe to Highlights myself. Why? Because are the most important people of all. May God protect each & every child.
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🇧🇼drops a lerothodi a thothi 💧💧 Jun 20
Replying to @OttisSnr
or Setho .
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K 4h
Replying to @JMPSimor
Because they are and British are ! They lie about everything and in every situation without even thinking.... No no
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Jeroen Keerl Jun 25
Show some fucking , people. And get the man a beer.
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Ed Jun 24
Replying to @BBCPolitics
Sounds to me like “circling wagons” for own selfish interests to secure a position
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Odin’s Gift Jun 24
, when will it return? False accusations are a move.
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Arkansas for Bernie 4h
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Cynthia Jones Jun 22
Replying to @RepOHalleran
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Peswold von Peswold 20h
Absolutely. Never let laws get in the way of human but the always finds a way to violate everyone. All that stuff was for the , not the CBP or any department. Tell me now that people can't bring things in for prisoners...
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Denise 5h
Replying to @BCLions
What a good, compassionate man! We need more like him. 👏🏻
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Stephanie Westerman Jun 22
thank you! Your presentation on heroes and decency this AM annual meeting was excellent. We appreciate your work and making a difference in our lives through your writing.
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Dr. Marion Thorpe 11h
2 questions for Eric: 1) Why assume the worker and you are in different political parties? 2) Can you imagine what may have been "added" to your dish? I have been preaching a need for , , and for a very long time.
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Wie Yusuf Jun 21
Toothbrushes and soap are unrelated to sanitation? Trump Administration Argues Detained Migrant Children Don't Need Toothbrushes, Soap
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Dot Schnering 20h
Let us not wait till this is a documentary/miniseries/docudrama on HBO Netflix Showtime PBS or whatever
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Cormac Gordon Jun 25
Replying to @neal_katyal
You wonder why anyone, no matter how little regard they have for the truth or for fellow humans, would say something so patently ridiculous. Is this what is being paid to do?
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Katie Danziger 8h
There is NO doubt and are ruling by Children & families fleeing and wanting a better life should be what we welcome
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JuanLove Jun 18
Replying to @elizlipp
I guess even is too hard for conservatives.
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CaliLili™🧜🏾🧜🏼‍♀️🧜🏽‍♀️🏄🏼‍♀️🏄🏾‍♀️🦀🎬🎼🐬 14h
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Mark Jun 21
Replying to @perrigame
No dressing gown?!
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Brian Weaver Jun 24
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