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Barthélémy L. 22h
Once we had journalism and then came :
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RE Sieber 4h
Impressive spatial analysis & from
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HousingNowTO 8h
Interactive “How much do you need to EARN to make RENT..?” map. 🗺📲 Great & Mapping work by & the team at .
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Mukesh Rawat 13h
This one on sex ratio: Believe it or not but rural India outsmarts urban India in child sex ratio at birth.
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Mel Myendo Jul 17
Interesting training! lots to learn!
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SocialLinks Jul 17
12 Investigative Projects Named as Finalists in 2019 Global Shining Light Awards
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frayintermedia Jul 17
: who want to learn to code are in luck - the has made their course freely available for newsrooms to help reporters develop basic skills. Read more here:
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Abed Khooli Jul 17
What is the easiest way to add mapping to WB (for journalists with no coding experience)? Planning to use WB in a training session.
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Our data journalist shares some of the best resources and tricks to navigate Freedom of Information laws (FOI).
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Vicky Gayle Jul 16
I'm making myself laugh. I'm dragging and dropping in Excel with bated breath as I check my total against the original 🤣 If it doesn't add up it means re-importing a whole year of data when I'm analysing eight years! 2 down, 6 more to go!
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ICIJ Jul 15
A *NEW* Datashare feature ➡ you can now star documents in ! Get the latest free version: Wondering what Datashare is? Follow for more updates.
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The origin of the word data actually means 'that which is given'. But the scholar Johanna Drucker actually proposes a different word for data: 'capta'. Find out why:
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ICIJ Jul 16
These are some of the top tricks and tips to using Freedom of Information laws to your advantage when investigating your story. From our data journalist .
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Mark Bryson Jul 12
BBC Look North and BBC Yorkshire are looking for a creative data journalist to join the newsroom in Leeds, UK - Apply here (applications close 21 July)
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Hey experts, yes: that's you! We're looking for new authors and unique pitches for our Long Reads section. Whether you're a seasoned data journalist, a J-school academic, or a data visualisation expert, send us your ideas:
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Kantar IIB Awards Jul 17
Are police departments misleading the public with their rape clearance numbers?
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Axel Bruns Jul 16
I've finally had a chance to post the paper by , and me to Slideshare: "Out-of-the-Box vs In-House Tools: How Are They Affecting Data Journalism in Australia"
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Humans have been embedding data into the properties of physical objects for millennia, so why don't modern journalists? explores the newsroom benefits of data physicalisation, along with a tutorial to get you started:
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