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T Feb 4
designed on top of could provide a fast solution for communicating with the advanced automobiles of today. Tasks such as unlocking your vehicle with a mobile device would no longer be susceptible to the security risks of relying on third-party servers.
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HB Wallet 🌏 2h
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Justin Sun 9h
According to , as of Feb 15, the number of reached 695, TRON’s ecosystem is growing at a steady pace, more to come!
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😎🍿 Jan 28
is going to shock the world. They will be integrated on every digital wallet or . Developers will be building from on those phones. More transactions the higher the price. $100 by 2023. Your micro caps won'tmake it.. is security. Big dogs.
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DNA Feb 5
Current blockchains are self-contained ecosystems, with no ability to interact with one another😟... 💡DNA is designed as an interoperable standard, offering other blockchains an avenue for improving scalability and enabling cross-platform and 🤩
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Nexus Feb 3
Not only does our API make developing on easier, it also ensures safer & higher quality code, while reducing the overall cost of development. mon 0.1 1000 NXS
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Xdapp Feb 6
To celebrate the account is available again, I'll give $1000 to 5 people ($200 each) How to enter: - Retweet - Follow + notifications on web: tele:
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BitTorrent Inc. Feb 15
Join and during our Livestream🤗 Let’s talk about Steem migration, token swap, giveaways to users and a new accelerator program. DLive: YouTube: Periscope:
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BitGuild Feb 15
💬PULIC GROUP CONTEST💬 We're happy to announce the next winner of the PUBLIC GROUP CONTEST: Wink Warrior's Lounge A must-join group to explore together 🌐Join here: 🔥 For every retweet BitGuild will donate 2 TRX to the group 🔥
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Thanos - Tezos wallet with DApp support
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TRON Foundation Feb 1
According to , the number of TRON has reached 688, surpassing and becoming the second largest in the world, just behind .🤙 🤙 TRON is growing at a steady pace, we welcome more developers to join and build TRON ecosystem.
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Justin Sun Feb 2
is an ambitious project dedicated to building a truly decentralized Internet. protocol, one of the largest based operating systems offers support of high throughput, high scalability & high availability for all in TRON ECO.
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Chromia | Power to the public Jan 31
🔥 Huge milestone! We are now making the testnet publicly available. 🙌 Initially, this includes a vault for managing Chromia , SSO & transfers of tokens, as well as a beautiful and user-friendly block explorer. 👇
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DAO Maker Jan 31
Simple 𝑫𝒆𝑭𝒊 vs. Advanced 𝑫𝒆𝑭𝒊 or 𝒗𝒔. ? is a core aspect of the ( ) ecosystem, with () and () collectively locking up a far greater portion of EOS than the portion of locked by all DeFi .
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HB Wallet 🌏 Feb 11
10 lucky users can win 20cDAI each! 🎁 ✅Download our app: 📲 ✅Follow, RT, Tag friends ✅Comment your QR-Code Good luck!
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CrypCade | Crypto Arcade🕹️ Jan 26
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🥳Happy Chinese New Year, To celebrate DappOnline's release of DApp data reports, we will draw 5 users and each will receive 500 . 1⃣Follow+Like+RT 2⃣Tag 5 Friends 4⃣Write down DappOnline id Source:
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Justin Sun Feb 1
The number of has surpassed that of . has become the 2nd largest public chain with 688 in the world. Welcome more developers and users join ecosystem.👐
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HayleyM 5h
Awesome thread for the community learning more about 👇 So many opportunities with our communities working together 😍
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play2earn.crypto 3h
will launch their campaign on feb. 24, 2020 with exclusive kickstarter cards and some limited contributor rewards!
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