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💜 Katherine Gregory Oct 21
Just thank you 💜We'll always wait for you💜 Now rest well and have fun 💜
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Yoonie_cz_A.R.M.Y 5 Dec 17
I was trying to draw Jin from I hope you'll like it, I know it's not perfect. ◐.̃◐♡
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wawa🦋 Oct 28
Is he laughing? Is his mouth just opened? Is he screaming? Is he yawning? Is he surprised? Who knows what is happening..😂😏👌 (I don't know 'bout you but I hear windshield laugh😂)
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wawa🦋 Jun 18
I don't mean to brag or anything but look what your girl did😎😂 ayoo let's get this bReAd🤠 Here's behind the scenes of Swan lake😉 so CHECK IT OUT
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🌸테루🌸 VAV Fanproject pinned! ❤ #GiveMeMore 21 Nov 16
need it too! RETWEET and MAKE on to show how much you want a show in your city!
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s 9 Oct 16
Když se musíte učit na písemku, ale vaši korejští kamarádi vydali nové album.
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