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🌊Jskorn🌊 Jan 10
....I have no idea I'm just here for the kool-aid.
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Martin Van Ruin 7h
Replying to @KamalaHarris
Lindsey was right before he joined
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Andrea Robinson 33m
Replying to @darrellclick
Let the deprogramming begin!
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VVΘᐁNИ 39m
It’s like the diaper get unhinged and right-wing really just spills out.
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catherine daly 3h
Replying to @TheDemCoalition
Why we must prioritize prosecuting sex trafficking. A more aggressive approach might have swept up Drumpf before he entered White House.
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Joyce Inger 14h
Diamond and Silk? More like Zircon & Polyester!
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RoKphish 🐟#DemCast #DemCastMD 🇺🇸 Jan 16
Replying to @D_resists
Another card-carrying member of the ... IQ above body temperature not required.
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Luv Wins ✊🏾 Resist 🌊🌊🌊 2h
Sorry but I have no time for members. Trump has shown the entire world who and what he is repeatedly and yet they will continue to blindly believe every lie that he feeds them so fuck em 🤷🏽‍♀️
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Jeff Smith 3h
Thank you for your service!!! Happy New Year 🎉!!! A Lie Will Travel Around The World, Before The Truth Gets To The Corner.
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Agbessi G 8m
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Starteller 8h
Replying to @SuckerCarlson
I guess you spell “bipartisan”
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Robin Wright 🌊 Jan 10
Replying to @MAGAIsDead
Welcome to reality. Happy to have you in our fight to save America from DT and sycophants. We can fix this! Together!!
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Lisa Marie Akin🌹🔥✌💖 Jan 16
Holy crap. Literally EVERYONE is implicated. Lindsey Graham, Rick Perry, Donald Trump, Rudy, Kevin McCarthy, Devin Nunes, Jay Sekulow, Mike Pence, Bill Barr. The list just keeps growing. Please oh please, do Mitch McConnell next!!
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genevieve m Jan 14
Replying to @JasonSCampbell
The real trump derangement syndrome
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Andrea Robinson 2h
Replying to @TheTrueAmerica5
How many criminals did they happily send out to defend talking points on Fox before getting arrested? Papadopoulos Manafort Flynn Collins Hunter Cohen Who am I forgetting?
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Greg Stewart 5h
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Neil 🇺🇸 Ⓥ⛄ Jan 16
He's completely out of his mind, shackled to Trump and Putin and without any real sense of Patriotism or loyalty. He's a poor fabricator of propaganda.
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Boston Frenchie 🆘 3h
Replying to @BradMossEsq @InproCorp
-Signed, Eric Ziegler. Dummy and Former Director of Corporate Development for Inpro Corporation.
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Cindy Sands Jan 14
Replying to @BigVTN @jimsciutto
Facts not what U hear. For a price a USA Ambassador can be “taken care of” by 45’s attorney’s associate. If you still believe Trump is innocent after ALL the facts keep proving guilt, I’m sad for you. Trump needs everyone ANGRY so they won’t pay attention. RELAX-BREATH
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Brian E. Logan 12h
Replying to @DisTrumpia
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