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Catherine Case 2h
Replying to @casepov
Let's see some more about the alternaive. Dog meat. ▶️.
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Catherine Case 3h
I'm going to make something with this beef for dinner. Maybe I'll use these special chop sticks that Lotus gave me as a gift 👱‍♀️ Or go with dog meat? 🐶 What do you think? ▶️.
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Zangdar Apr 20
Replying to @IdeesChrisAndco
Super ! 🤞
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Ocala Marion VCB Apr 20
Traveling means exploring everything – including the local . Try a variety of food options that is small on the budget but big on taste. Here’s a little inspiration to make your mouth water in .
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Tiplr Apr 19
Lima has been heralded the Gastronomy Capital of South America, and a large reason for this is the country's national dish, Ceviche.
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Karina Fay Apr 19
So last night the waiter takes the medium rare steaks out to the medium table... Then takes the medium steaks out to the medium rare table... But they know its the wrong steak. How do they know that, I wouldn't know that. Even the other waiter knew it was a medium... 😂
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xorasan Apr 19
is quite assertive in its culture, preparing the of the cultures it has hosted for many years with the products grown by the villagers and the greenhouse crops it produces.
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三海 裕弥 Yuya Sankai Apr 17
~2019.4.17~ Chinese cuisine was delicious 🥟🍜 I love gyoza 🤤🤤🤤
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miryayachting Apr 20
is 44,53 m. accommodation is arranged across 6 guest’s cabins, a 122 m2 cabin floor, comfortable 80 m2 saloon and 130 m2 sun deck floor, and the utmost by a 8 member .
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Herbs are a key in . They are used to provide unique and flavors to , soups, , mole, and many other dishes but these also have amazing benefits! 🇲🇽🥗🥘🍲🌿🌿🌿
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AMZAH♓ Apr 13
Loubia time. It's delicious!
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Janet Herb Apr 19
Suspiro de Limeño, Peruvian dessert, the dulce de leche custard is 😋 but I could eat a bowl of the Port Wine Meringue
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Tuula Apr 19
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Lawrence Blatt Apr 12
Enjoying the authenticity here...
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Knol Infos 🤖  🚀📚🖥️ 14h
Replying to @knolinfos
The "Prince ORLOFF" is ready to go into the oven. <===>
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✴️MEXICAN FOOD IN THE YUCATAN PENINSULA 🈂️Who loves Mexican Food? How about enjoying traditional Mayan whilst on in the ? We were keen to find out more about Mexican whilst we were travelling around the... 🖥
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The Cerulean Crab Apr 19
at midevening: a pint of bhuja mix and a seventh of apple - tell it a single bad joke. ready when you are.🍪
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Alliance Française Apr 20
So happy to see french restaurants are booming in Chicago! After checking them out, come by the alliance for one of our French cuisine Workshops !
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JENN Apr 13
Replying to @JAZZ5JAZZ
Yummy chicken & chorizo jambalaya
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Andy's AnyLand Tours Apr 20
Replying to @AndyAnyLandTour
🌎The is the best in Eastern Europe. It mixes Iranian (7th c BC - 6th c AD), Jewish (7-9th c), German (10-11th c), Slavic (11-14th c), Italian (15th c), Turkish (16-17th c), Greek (18th c), Armenian (18th c), Austrian (18-19th c) & French (19th c) influences.
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