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Peer-to-peer cryptocurrency systems are the most transparent form of payments. We will use it because we want to be absolutely transparent about token transactions, our model and the payments authors receive.
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Donate the files that have been the most useful to you and help others reach the summit of knowledge too.
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Palgrave Finance 12m
In 2018, research and advances in reached an all time high. To find out more we're offering a chapter from 'The of Crowdfunding' by by and Barry L. Bayus:
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AZ Fundchain Jan 15
Meet - an adoption of ROSCA private funding (money circles) model. FundChain is an accessible, transparent and reliable and application running on completely on .
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Donate your vacation pictures to and help others find their next travel location.
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Doesn't matter if you prefer vinyl, boomboxes, CD or MP3 players to listen to your favorite music, you can still donate it to
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Using you'll be able to study from anywhere and find useful study notes and presentations from other students in your field.
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(Crowdfunding Tips) What makes a compelling Story? Here are 6 key elements by via
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Anavi Technology 3h
Wow! Amazing First Week for ANAVI Thermometer at :) Our hardware dev board has been fully funded and we hit all stretch goals. Order now to guarantee free worldwide shipping!
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Jai_the_Illustr8r 18h
Brownnippebraggadocio's sigils and illustrations starting at $6! All guap goes to my opulent Black a$$ while doing unpaid PCA work for bae.
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Berkshire DevelopOrg Jan 14
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Business Accountant 20h
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Ingrum ID 10m
Click the link and you can have what you all have been waiting for. Finally it’s available to download for Android
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💗Raymi💗 19h
hello - this is the LAST TIME I'll need to crowdfund - but it's once again on short notice 😦 we need $235 for rent by tomorrow. RTs very appreciated!!!
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CLIME-IT Solutions 17m
in ‘Learn To Show Off' From Julia Groves, Director of Trillion Fund -
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Mohammad Khan 3m
adamsconsulting I was just thinking about all you and I used to juggle. Multi tasking is a complete myth when you do it at the level we did! 🤪 #…
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AZ Fundchain Jan 19
WELCOME TO AZ FUNDCHAIN. inclusion through . Run your own and campaigns on blockchain through our mobile application. Checkout our official website
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Fast_food_pizza 5h
Nàpoli-pizza combines a subway and McDonald's fast food restaurants.
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Golden Apes 1h
WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT! Monday the 21st of January we will begin our first crowdfunding campaign to help support the release of “KASBEK”, our new album on disc and vinyl.
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