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Nabendu Balamurali Aug 15
Is this confirmation that false flags are real? Here’s a page from google whistleblowers leak to . Why does omit from suggested search terms?
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🐸 Mark Ritchie 2h
Replying to @CNN @davidhogg111
The is back on
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Outtellect 3h
OH Look its that kid who couldn't decide if 2 of sister's friends died, I'm mean 3. No I mean 4... How many of your sister's friends died again? This kid can't get the number right.
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Firmament Dome Aug 18
Replying to @davidhogg111
Member when you were in CA the year before you were in FL involved in another "shooting".. 2 shooting in 2years. Thats def a record, no?
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Jerry ✊🏻✊🏿 Aug 13
And the Oscar goes to......
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Newman for a New Day Aug 12
Bill Barr is a
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Newman for a New Day Aug 19
It lost its integrity. It can be rebuilt, but the capital was spent by Bill Barr who’s been playing the character of an Attorney General for the audience of 1 in the White House. It’s a tragedy, not a comedy.
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Edwin Roman 8h
Replying to @Explore_CU
This account is a for . Read about the destruction BIG banks caused in 2008 (and NOT ) here:
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silky Aug 13
I agree I doubt it too, he’s a making a movie with other as a sequel to all the other
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OMG really?  no way he’s still potus? Aug 16
is a glorified who never won an Emmy! He masquerades around the country on tax payer funded vacations filling a void with other hate filled white nationalist
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Replying to @fras99
I'd tell her she's a and slam the door in her face.
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Martymar Aug 19
What are you crying about now . Will only be known for a
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4ELEVEN - ホスエ Aug 14
Replying to @BillCassidy
Cassidy’s just another paid crisis actor. He’s offended at someone kneeling but couldn’t care less about the Trump administration butchering the message of the Statue of Liberty & countless other things said beneath the office of the Presidency You sir, are a paid
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4ELEVEN - ホスエ Aug 12
Replying to @tomhfh
So do you get paid to be a crisis actor? Or do you just do it for fun?
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Martymar Aug 12
I bet you're cool with trailer park trash getting it tho. You still thirsty?
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Boombastic Aug 13
give this guy an Oscar this is so sad. They are so ridiculous
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Mike 2h
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should go to the and get some testosterone flowing. Decrease levels immediately.
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ExAFPhlyer Aug 20
Replying to @charliekirk11
This is the same university that admitted David Hogg (aka Piggy the ) in order to pander to the Wokies. No surprise that was hired.
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I Am Woman, Hear Me Roar Aug 13
And a bad one at that.
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