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Casey Chester 23h
Am I in the minority thinking a $15 min wage would cause widespread inflation due to increased cost of production for literally everything?
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Don'tBeTheOnion 4h
Replying to @CNN
They just tweeted this an hour ago, same response from me, where is CNN’s so-called fact checking on the dems?
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Don'tBeTheOnion 5h
Replying to @CNNPolitics
Where's CNN so called fact checking for the Dems?
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annarogers 16m
you kind run but you can’t hide, the Americans people’s are watching what going on.
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The marketing of the New Zealand Bloodstock sales is once again first class! Does anyone know when the APG Sales are on this year?
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IDrink Liberal Tears 11h
Replying to @SenatorDurbin
And how do you describe the House hearings? Ill wait for your reply. This should be good...
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Elizabeth 9h
Replying to @mmartincpa
I'll hang up and listen.
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rightofleftcentre Jan 21
Replying to @piersmorgan
And the evidence base for the accuracy of lie detectors in this scenario is...
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acitrep Jan 19
I just have to LOL at the trumpers on the panel who are clutching their pearls about lowering the “impeachment bar”. How about the way trump has lowered the president bar?
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martymfla 4h
Replying to @CBS12
For those who say Yes. EXACTLY what law did the President break?
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Kyle Friermood Jan 20
Replying to @RealSaavedra
How much of this did we see after all the climate marches? Women’s marches?...
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Gecko Tips Jan 21
Discover the insider secrets you MUST know before you start breeding YOUR
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RJ Barrett is 19 Jan 21
Replying to @shwinnypooh
They drafted Taurean Prince over Pascal Siakam, Malcolm Brogdon, Dejounte Murray and Caris LeVert. They then traded for Crabbes egregious contract and a pick. Which they then used to draft De’Andre Hunter over Tyler Herro
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Ryan Broshear Jan 19
My daughter, Remington discovered part of my CD collection and out of nearly 50 of them she picked album and gave Joe a kiss. Gonna have to do another show together so she can meet you.
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josh skelton Jan 19
Still waiting for all the packers fans to remind me on Twitter why this team is so awesome and unstoppable...
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daisy brewer 17h
Not one nugget by US main stream news on Iran's crack down on protesters or murdering beautiful young people like her.
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Fui T (djfuidawg) Jan 21
Where are all these reporters now? I haven't heard anything after this latest report?
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#Justice4RealityWinner Now! Jan 15
Replying to @DanRather @Rosie
I just don’t get it. Why? brings up her name and She deserves so much better. No Miranda. No Bond. No Trial. Forced Plea 63 months, 3 yrs probation with lifetime restrictions. She lost her freedom informing of election interference.
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George Monroe 2h
LOL Republican Senators feigning butt hurt from Nadler's unvarnished straight shooter last nite. Meanwhile in Devos calling Dems dirtbags from those Senators
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Julie Jan 21
Wait, I thought only Trump loving white Right wing nuts did this kind of stuff...
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