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Olawale David Oyinlade Jan 23
•| Special Thanks to God Almighty... For the success of our CIDMA 2020. Special Thanks to every member of the CHANGE & RESOLUTE ALL YOUTH, Team for their collective effort and support, without them this won't have been possible, May God Almighty Bless Us.
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kB Jan 17
Yall.. kaneice is officially a licensed driver 😬🥴🤧
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Ash Jan 23
I have a friend who has only been drunk 4 times and she’s almost 21 isn’t that
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Tony Burch Jan 16
That Hernandez Netflix got me a little shook
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ron larsen Jan 22
She’s back at it this time at mcdonalds
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IamChillGod🤲 4h
Life be 🔥😆🤷🏿‍♂️
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Aubrey Lovell Jan 22
This is absolute ! Jokes aside, our acquisition with has helped us expand with industry-leading portfolio in fast-growing HPC and AI market segments, while tackling customers’ most data-intensive challenges. Now complete with offerings
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kim butler Jan 22
Woke up to dirty rain in Melbourne.. looks like it could be from red dust.
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Marto Jan 23
Replying to @marto_80
Not too much slop (sunscreen) tho! That shit ain't good for ya apparently!
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IceyK Jan 19
Replying to @Aella_Girl
Well, I mean, go have sex with a male animal and let us know how well it works out for you. Did you have to wine him and dine him? How did he get in the mood? did you orgasim? I mean did he use protection? This could be a reason why humans do NOT have sex with animals.
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Christi Kay 2h
Replying to @JadejustJade
I used to drive from Duncan to Nanaimo (55min) and back each day for University. This was back when you had to press #1 three times for a C, #2 once for a D etc. And I'd text all the way there and back, and could do it without looking at the phone.
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Susan S Jan 22
Replying to @realDonaldTrump
Now we are back to this?
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Kim Michelle . Jan 20
I’m at an Asian restaurant in SoHo listening to Sweet Love by Anita Baker.
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Jason Normanton Jan 22
Want a dedicated supercomputing instance in well here you go, have your own
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1410 Museum Campus Drive🐻⬇️ 9h
Replying to @ProFootballTalk
not necessary...
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Time-lapse Installation of Big Red 200 Cray Supercomputer at Indiana University (video link repaired)
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Jason Bourne🔙💺 Jan 22
FREE My Demon Twin brother👹
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Hiro Takahashi 6h
Congrats IU! Big Red 200 Dedication Ceremony Video (Indiana University)
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mo ✨ Jan 18
Replying to @zaaairem
I love documentaries so i enjoyed it! Especially since it wasn’t long ago
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findingmyworth🕉 Jan 17
Can be my personal stylist 🙃🖤 Like dead ass serious
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