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3Sixteen Wine Bar Aug 16
Thank God it's Friday. Thank God for Flights. Thank God for French Dip Crostinis.
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Majeskey Aug 16
I just got a managerial promotion at work, am in the best shape of my life, and have finally found successful methods improve my mental health and other problem areas in my day to day. Life is actually going extremely well.
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joseph Aug 15
Replying to @_colincc @Cubs
At least you aren’t a reds fan
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Thank you mitochondria for supplying me energy to scroll past memes.
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チオングソン ザック Aug 16
Good things coming my way 🙌🏽
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Chet Doc Cady Aug 16
I am thankful not to have vomited in the last several months.
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Amber B Aug 16
Replying to @AmandasA_Texan
This morning we were all watching the news and my youngest daughter said it's good that his baby is ok. I gave her a hug and said yes you are right. Thank you God again for protecting them and giving me two little girls that have a heart as big as mine. 🤗🥰
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🤘🏻This Day In Metal🤘🏻 NEW ACCOUNT!! 6h
Aug 17th 1992 released the album "Force Of Habit" Did you know... It was their last album to feature John Tempesta on drums and is also their only album to feature Mike Butler on bass.
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DJ Woody Wood Aug 10
I don’t wish anyone to have to suffer foot drop, neuropathy in both hands & feet, weakness & muscle deterioration, and not being able to keep your balance at any time of your life!
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Tamara Stefanovich 18h
My Saturday -laughs and love
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Mai2 15h
When you're old as i am... (dinosaur old) you tend to enjoy tge littke things more.. Staying indoors and drink wine.. While listening to your children's bickering...Bae out with the boys or the girls mheno ikoko...Alcohol keeps you sane...
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Felicia Starks 10h
Please don’t bash an anointing that you once benefited from. Sure it didn’t end well, but your life is still better as a result! You learned much more than you lost. We must learn how to transition peaceably. -Jessica Allen
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Sara Y.M Aug 16
Replying to @Sara_YMans
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Criminal Aug 15
Crazy how I was taking the bus 24 hours ago but now I’m a convicted murderer in the system 💯.
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Debs Aug 11
Replying to @BookdragonSean
I didn't slip over in sheep poo, so that's a plus .
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Sipho mqati Aug 13
Life is a Journey, so every Step Counts, every second matters, every minute is valuable, every hour is worth waiting for n Everyday is a Blessing
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Roseann Gambale 18h
Yes I can get up and work for half a day today. 😂😇 Have a great one! 🙏
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Kamiza Chikula 20h
Quick question: Who defines your "poverty?" What permission have you given them to suck you into their parameters and criteria. Don't you already possess your own currency? Measure your wealth by the things that REALLY matter to YOU.
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Ian St. Germane 🇺🇸🥃🍸🥂🍾 Aug 16
Replying to @AlexanderElam
I am fairly certain that you dodged a kick to the shin with that one.
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Uwarobosa O’Basuyi Aug 15
Somebody come get me. I went in for one thing 🤦🏾‍♀️ see what had happened was I saw and said I need this then I saw and said I need this....then it went down hill.
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