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Nic Hailey 1h
Our DPP is in Nairobi today to discuss UK support to Kenya"s fight against . Where people are hiding money in the UK, or where we can help convict the corrupt in Kenya, we will give every possible support.
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Replying to @tribelaw
⚖🏛😣REPLAY THAT TAPE 📺📹🎥! All I can see is 'Barr' sitting in his confirmation hearings LYING to Congress&the American people he WORKS for with his GRANDSON 🙋sitting behind HIM that's the most DISQUSTING SADDEST part of all of what IS DOING ⚖⛪🙍
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Mr. Koech 🇰🇪 Apr 15
One thing that drives me mad while walking in town is the audacity of boda boda guys & motorcycle riders to hoot behind you more so using the sidewalks with force, you move & mind your own business - turning a blind eye on daylight . The sidewalks are for pedestrians!
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World Economic Forum Apr 16
The true cost of is higher than you might realise
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Jonathan Sugarman 13h
Ex-President shoots himself before arrest for . In . In he wouldn't have had to worry about being arrested. . . . . . . ...
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Muhammad Bello Kusharki 15h
Replying to @MBuhari @ProfOsinbajo
They never know good governance because they live all their lives on Alas God brought and , like , to rescue us from the hands of our fellow Nigerians slave masters.
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Mogrianne Apr 12
The question on the plate now is did he end the Mueller Investigation early
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Ron Trinca 8h
Replying to @CNN
Media needs to boycott this event.
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The Epoch Times Apr 8
's chief prosecutor recently revealed he’s reopening a probe into Ukraine’s largest private company that could have profound implications for the presidential aspirations of former VP . Commentary by Kenneth R. Timmerman
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#wildtxsue 6h
So ironic that a 'witch hunted' innocent would need a rebuttal
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JP 22h
Alan Garcia have a detention order in Peru. Police gets inside his residence to detained him. Alan shot himself in the neck. 🙄 He’s alive. This guys is one of the most corrupted presidents in South America. If you’re innocent, would you shoot yourself?
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Evita Siu Apr 15
at all levels of our legislators & law enforcers in BC & Canada is in fact a reality. Divisive politics of race, religion, sex/gender identity is used to keep power at the top by keeping public divided, weak & unable to hold politicians accountable for their crimes
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Antfarmer Apr 8
David Littleproud just defended Chinese cash for Dutton citizenships meeting on the fact that ‘Liberal Party doesn’t have Union money’.. Interesting defence David 🤔
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Robert ♻️🇷🇴 2h
Please, stop calling those Sociopaths Democrats. is the organised crime party, created by criminals for criminals. Protected by the Mafia Thanks for sharing
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Simone Buchanan 2m
I’m disgusted by this. Is that all her life was worth?!!
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IMF Apr 13
results in wasted infrastructure. Learn more in the latest
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Rafael Ciordia Apr 10
Follow the money flowing into the McConnell-Chao household vía her role as Sec of Transportation and her father’s freight empire.
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Chitra Subramaniam Apr 15
Jogging ’s memory about family friend & middleman & the loot of contracts by his for fertilizer plants in . RCF, Kribhco, NFL, IFFCO, Nagarjuna. Let’s debate.
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Alan Freestone Apr 10
One of the main anti-homeopathy campaign groups ( )...beloved by , has been found to have taken funds from Coca-Cola & then promoted research favourable to that company. We now HAVE to suspect that they've been funded by Big-Pharma for years.
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Transparency Int'l Apr 11
As reveal US$1 trillion in tax revenues lost to each year, Transparency International’s discusses the importance of anti-corruption work with .
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In Wisc 88 Apr 15
Replying to @JuliaDavisNews
If not collusion - Republicans are Russian stooges.
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