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ZimLive Aug 24
Presidential spokesman George Charamba has dismissed widespread speculation that Vice President Constantino Chiwenga has returned from China. Chiwenga spoke to President Mnangagwa by phone on Monday, according to Charamba, and the VP is continuing treatment in China
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El Henno 9h
Drizzt is one freaking syllable...ONE! you’re killing me Blech. There are 34 novels in the series btw
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9ine5ive👻🌪 15h
Hoes be like, “i can bag any nigga i want” ... u can fuck any nigga u want. Nobody cuffin that ran thru ass pussy😭
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Ceej Aug 24
I will not be venturing into today .. for it is a silly place and I have nor the time or the patience to watch my brain cells wither and die one at a time ...
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aarionlyons-moonves 9h
Replying to @aarionlyons
Also.. I want a YANG/warren ticket.
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yüthconnect. Aug 23
Replying to @yuthconnect
Closing 26 August 2019
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colorsoflyf Aug 23
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Megan Aug 22
it would take you to the ending of the Triassic period and the beginning of the Jurassic period, roughly.
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M.E 10h
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orville lewis Aug 20
Replying to @orvillelewis1
The celebration runs August 23-25, 2019. Sorry
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Nathan Cousino 10h
Replying to @batmaniscool100
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CAMPR | precise project management Aug 23
Replying to @campr_pm
Oups. What we meant to say was „let the series of polls continue throughout the weekend“
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People's Daily, China Aug 24
Replying to @PDChina
: Shenzhen police on Sat released A STAFF MEMBER of the UK consulate in after a 15-day administrative detention for law violation. We apologize for any misunderstanding that may have caused. Thank you for your correction.
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Monique Charmaine Pyke Aug 20
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urban hermit Aug 22
For momentum to have deadly effect, either mass or velocity needs to be extremely high! In 2008-09 - Mass? 1.2T (light) Velocity? high In 2018-19 - Mass? 2.8T (heavy) Velocity? low While it's a very different market , it's still pretty deadly!
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EndZoneWPDE Aug 23
: Carvers Bay 0 Waccamaw 25
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Zafar Shaikh Aug 23
Replying to @Zafargs79
10530-10580 In Sept 1st Week
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Tohrment Aug 23
Go follow this guy as well!
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Tim Arsenault 10h
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Lawanu Borthakur Aug 24
1.3 billion or 130crore Indians.
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