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Scott Morrison 7h
A further 1000 Australian Defence Force personnel are being deployed to Victoria to support the state's response. We will continue to help Victoria with whatever it takes to save lives & livelihoods in the fight against this terrible virus➡️
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AFP news agency 5h
Argentina is trying to solve a medical mystery after 57 sailors are infected with the after 35 days at sea, despite the entire crew testing negative before leaving port
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Melony🌻Ernest 5h
Yesterday is gone... Tomorrow has not yet come... We have only today. Let us begin.
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Matt Hancock 1h
We are making progress in our national effort against . Every death is a tragedy, but it is very promising that for the 3rd consecutive week, total deaths are lower than normal for this time of year.
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TheLeoTerrell 6h
For my fair minded friends. I hear you, the political pandering is too much. Not based . Sml biz have spent the $$, jumped through hoops & you still shut them down. Shame on you. Cite your facts, explain the steps. Be a leader.
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SkyNews 3h
infections could grow 'out of control' in the UK with a second spike leading to 120,000 deaths, top scientists warn
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immunity may disappear within months: study
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Al Jazeera English 6h
WHO says “evidence emerging” of airborne spreading. But what does this mean? answers 👇 Read more on :
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Flatware Patterns 7h
Replying to @MarshaBlackburn
Stop spreading lies. You're part of a cult that has now killed Americans with misinformation, lies and downplaying standing by Trump's claims it was exaggerated to hurt his re-election. You're a traitor with zero credibility! We're getting you out and indicting you!
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Tim Walker 4h
Downing Street spokesman says Johnson’s ‘hopeful’ of securing a deal with so that it will agree not to try infecting people until July 24 when they’ve had time to get their masks on.
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CBS This Morning 12m
More than 8,000 people in Florida are now hospitalized with the . In Miami-Dade, one health expert says the city is now the epicenter of the U.S. outbreak. reports from Tampa.
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UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency 45m
"The pandemic has reminded us how interconnected we all are and the importance of leaving no one behind." An important message from UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador 🗣️
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Tharun 6h
How fast was spreading in AP? 1st 10,000 infections: 105 days 2nd 10,000 infections: 12 days 3rd 10,000 infections: 7 days 91% local cases, 9% imported cases.
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Office for National Statistics (ONS) 5h
GDP grew 1.8% in May but was still 24.5% below its level in February, before the full impact of the struck
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The UK Government is matching your donations to the , pound for pound for the first £5M. This will help reach even more people who have fled violence and hunger to protect themselves from
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Darren McCaffrey 4h
UPDATE: France has approved pay rises worth €8bn for health workers, with praising their role in fighting The deal was signed with trade unions on Monday after weeks of negotiations, and will see wages rise by €183 a month on average
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Herman Cain 16m
Maybe the news is better than what the headlines suggest.
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Jake Bozinovski 🐝⚫️⚪️ 4h
Victorian testing method.
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Coronavirus Data Tracking Bot 19s
13,265,782 cases as of 2020-07-14 07:30:03
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