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That's what I get from it anyway. Seems weird af that we would support as a nation, but what do I know? I just think the clearly states that we should separate religious identity from our government in the first amendment 'establishment clause'
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#PutinOwnsTRUMPandGOP 2h
Replying to @realDonaldTrump
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Jamie Charping 9h
Retweet this in response to Twitter's censorship! is our right by the
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Suhail سہیل Jul 19
Former lashes out at those who failed to uphold the core values of .
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veteran 24h
Replying to @HuffPostPol @POTUS
He’s running a country not a daycare, we are doing pretty good and finally someone is standing up for America. Standing up to other countries and telling them I’m here representing U.S.A. People need to chill, and let this man finish the job.
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Salome Zourabichvili Jul 18
Replying to @Zourabichvili_S
As the President, responsible, according to the , for protecting those principles, I share the sprit of the ECHR decisions. I also trust that another fundamental principle, that of freedom of expression, is and will be under no threat.
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KhanHikmat Jul 19
We stand by the of pakistan on every article and point that it leads . Hope khan tackle down the expectations of all these...
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Mr Warren 19h
should be brought before or and forced to abide by the or be shut down. This road goes two ways, fools. Pull the plug!
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StephDavid 7h
The response to Lord Sumption’s Reith lectures begins - Prof Russell considers Bernard Crick’s ‘In defence of politics’ to argue for politics. Consumerism and politicians are to blame for its decline - judges have filled the gap
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KrisAnne Hall, JD 💎 Jul 18
Wish Reps would address BIGGER & MORE RELEVANT issues about federally mandated minimum wage- 1 NO authority delegated to fed govt to mandate wages beyond fed employees 2 Too many fed employees working in agencies not authorized by !
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nilakantha tiwary 10h
"Law of Equality" concept is out dated and exits only in for making Fool to rest of indian, to Pass exams and for Speeches. This is reality ..
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DickinsonDemsIA 6h
The Dickinson County Dems are all set up at the ! Think our democracy needs a lifesaver? Stop by and pick up a pocket !
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Phinius T Kamocha Jul 17
This is not fit to be adopted in our . It does not cure any problem MPs please reject it
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Diane 7h
Replying to @PrincessBravato
Seems like our founding fathers wrote separation of church and state into the US Constitution! The right likes to tout Constitutional sacredness until it conflicts with their pandering to the GOP base!
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Isaiah J Stillman Jul 17
is demonstrating selfless service, unlike so many self-centered, arrogant antiathoratistic libertines that have to practice infront or the mirror, a fake form of alligence to the .
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(((The Dividist))) Jul 18
Replying to @OsitaNwanevu @bklimt
Agree. The remedy for a bad under our is . Impeachment is an indictment, & like an indictment, resolution is not determined until a jury decides. Put the evidence before the court of popular opinion & let the chips fall where they may.
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Adán Chávez 23h
Spent such an impactful last week w/ our Field Team. From coast to coast, we wake up every day to educate, motivate, & mobilize to participate in . We are ready to continue fighting for our community, our , & our country. Are you?
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Karen A. Chase Jul 19
Why today, July 19th, 1776, matters. If you really want to see how we began—and why we should work for the betterment of all now—put down the and pick up the .
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James M. Gross Jul 19
Yes. I have read our Constitution. Several times. I still can’t fathom the intelligence, foresight, and thinking of those who wrote our
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Natalie Blundell Jul 19
Replying to @secupp @marwilliamson
I really love what I hear when speaks; she has an impressive knowledge of the and she has a strong moral and ethical compass. I vote yes to
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