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Lindsey 7 Jan 18
Please forgive me... I am under construction:
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✨Candis✨ 5 Aug 14
Ever wake up and say to yourself: "I need to work on being a better woman"? I do. Everyday. 🙌👌🙏✨
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Paul 29 Nov 16
Replying to @Avalangelist
“it’s okay we’re rebuilding“
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Monica Nabors 4 Jan 15
Replying to @LeahDeSimone @jjvivolo
Thank you Leah!! I'll keep fighting after all diamonds are made under pressure, right?!
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ThatGirlMissJ Nov 7
It’s not always easy, and sometimes I’m a lot, a mess, loving, cranky, but I’m me! And I really like me. I don’t always love myself in every way. And that’s something I’m working on.
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Dillon Lawson 15 Feb 13
Great win tonight. I'm looking forward to our next opportunity to develop our game tomorrow.
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Taramisu 27 Aug 17
Most of the time I feel severely broken...but I get up everyday & try in the hopes that 1 day that feeling goes away
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nicole⚜️ 18 May 14
Little secret: I'm 40 years old & still hate clothes shopping. I'm clueless 😣
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Kat 'Taffy' Aynsley 10 Oct 15
all coloured! Until the next episode xD enjoy :D
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Marcia E Brown 22 Jan 14
Replying to @Robert_Townsend
I'll never understand why it's the most difficult love of all. My process is so upside down.
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Michelle Dewberry 31 Aug 16
Replying to @eidix
you're v welcome. In fact you've just reminded me, I'm gonna have a look at the book again today too
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Shakirah Hill Taylor 17 Feb 15
Replying to @jaysondbradley
Thank you! That means a lot.
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Brandi Romero 5 Dec 17
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Laila Mourad 15 Jun 16
This time last year I daydreamed of EXTREME binges on donuts and chocolate. I am so much healthier mentally now.
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Miranda 6 Jul 11
gathering all my favourite links in one place: thrilling to the organised mind
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Renee Redesigns 22 Jun 16
Good Morning! Happy Wednesday!
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Open Plaques 30 May 16
Replying to @antonhowes
There will be others in plaques we have listed but the markup of roles won't have been done yet :)
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✧  🎀  𝒥𝒶𝓃  🎀  ✧ 6 Aug 15
Replying to @xiotex
I'm familiar those....the final draft of the final draft with alterations ;-)
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Nzalambi Sep 5
It's alright to admit that there's still parts of you that need checking & working on.
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Dominique Byrd 15 May 11
RT @SholomRabashkin: A humble man relishes correction & feels strength from making amends.....
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